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PBC News & Comment:  Narcissist Demagogue Denies His Role in Mass Shootings

Daily gun violence is now normal, numbing our outrage and leading to despair, as gun lobby, deadly partisanship prevent action….

–in very clear case of violent actions triggered by Trump rhetoric, Cesar Sayoc draws 20 years for mailing bombs to Trump’s enemies

–Trump will visit El Paso and Dayton (maybe Toledo) to extend fake condolences, and faces protests
–FBI opens “domestic terrorism investigations” in Gilroy and El Paso, which could expand our police state
–Caitlin Johnstone warns about the implications
–while other recent suspects appear to be influenced by Trump, the accused Dayton shooter, Connor Betts, was in a “pornogrind band”, seemed to be more of a lefty
NY Times columnist Ross Douthat, connects Dayton and El Paso suspects to Trump
–and his conservative colleague, Frank Bruni slams Trump for his big lies in Monday’s teleprompter speech
–Dem prez hopefuls Cory Booker and Beto O’Rourke hammer Trump for sparking the violence
–in Galveston, cops say they didn’t have malicious intent when mounted officers led black man into custody by pulling him along with a rope
–and at WhoWhatWhy, Klaus Marre fingers Fox “News”
–gun violence in Chicago is unabated, two mass shootings on Sunday brought weekend toll to 7 dead, 46 wounded
–some blame social media for hate speech and violence, and leaders of both parties are talking about revising Section 230 of Communications Decency Act, which protects websites from liability for user comments
–as Trump imposes new sanctions on Venezuela, Max Blumenthal releases video interview with Maduro, who says Bolton tried to kill him with drone attack
–in Puerto Rico, protesters feel double-crossed, as acting Gov. Pierluisi has been paid attorney for the oversight board that everyone hates
–India moves to end Kashmir’s special status, and Pakistan pledges to “stand by” Kashmiris
–responding to Trump’s latest tariff threat, Beijing allows its currency to float, which they knew would piss Trump off
–in Hong Kong, government workers protested Friday, and general strike led to more clashes with cops