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PBC News & Comment: Knives Are Out For Tulsi Gabbard

Following her debate attack on Sen. Kamala Harris, Rep. Tulsi Gabbard is being smeared as “Assad apologist” by many Dems….–in this Facebook thread, political science professor Cynthia Boaz promotes the “Assad apologist” smear, and Prof. Stephen Zunes seems to agree

–Caitlin Johstone has some smart comments

–at The American Conservative, David Masciotra says Gabbard is “living reminder of Iraq’s liars and apologists”

–and Buzzfeed’s Rosie Gray compares Gabbard to Ron Paul

–and SF Chronicle fact-checked attacks on Harris by Biden and Gabbard

–as Shadowproof marks 4 years of great reporting, Kevin Gosztola goes deep on “bad faith arguments against Bernie Sanders”

–after Senate Republicans balked, Trump jettison’s John Ratcliffe as pick for DNI

and Trump signals he won’t allow deputy to serve as interim director

–Swedish judge lets A$AP Rocky leave Sweden while awaiting verdict, after Kanye West got Trump to send his envoy for hostages to Stockholm

–Trump signed 2-year budget that is an offensive deficit bomb

–a Ted Cruz subcommittee heard testimony from credible psychologist who says Google manipulated search results in favor of Hillary Clinton in 2016

Yahoo News breaks story of FBI report warning that conspiracy theorists pose a threat, notes that government cover-ups are a factor

–a small suburban NY fire department is calling for new 9/11 investigation

–if you’re going to San Francisco’s airport, bring your own water bottle