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PBC News & Comment: Dem Leaders Reject Candidate Debate on Climate Change

Ignoring climate activists and young voters, DNC committee soundly rejects calls for a presidential candidate debate focused on climate change….–offering silly excuses, leaders are tone def to the voters they claim to lead

–Kevin Gosztola highlights the role of Symone Sanders, former Bernie Sanders advisor now working for Biden

–French President Macron goes after Brazil’s Bolsonaro, demands discussion of Amazon fires at G7 summit, and threatens to kill France-Brazil trade agreement

–neener neener dept.: China responds to Trump’s arbitrary tariffs with new tariffs on US imports, and Trump tweets orders to corporate America to cut off China, while accusing Fed chairman of being bigger enemy than China

–after posturing as neutral, Trump supports Hong Kong protesters in effort to piss off Xi

–Hong Kong is going through the motions of punishing thugs who attacked protesters at train station

–as Kashmir lockdown enters third week, NY Times recaps Modi’s scheme to change the status of Kashmir

–in another lawless international move, Israel attacked Iraq in July

HBO’s Bill Maher unloaded pro-Israel, anti-BDS rant last week, and ignored his inconsistent, contradictory positions

–the Justice Dept. sent a memo to immigration judges with link to anti-Semitic smears of immigration judges

–federal appeals court rules in favor of “faithless electors” in Electoral College who vote their conscience

–Epstein’s reported jailhouse suicide prompts investigation

–Nebraska Supreme Court approves Keystone XL pipeline, federal lawsuits still in process

–thrilled by Fox’s hiring of Sarah H. Sanders, Don Jr. goes off on CNN hiring of former FBI leader Andy McCabe

–right wing schemer and financier David Koch dies at age 79