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PBC News & Comment: France Hosts G7 Summit, Attempts ‘Rapprochement”

French President Macron adds drama to G7 meeting, invites Iran’s top diplomat, prods Trump to agree to meet with Rouhani….--expectations are low, but it’s a refreshing change to talk about talking instead of talking about war

--Trump claims power to order American corporations out of China under obscure 1977 law

--Trump draws new GOP challenger for 2020, former Rep. Joe Walsh, joining the Mooch as former Trumpists who now oppose him

--new national poll shows Biden, Warren and Sanders tied at 20%, Rep. Seth Moulton drops out with warning about going too far left

--at MintPress, a critical look at the foreign policy positions of leading Dem candidates by Ken Freeland

--in WhoWhatWhy editorial, Russ Baker notes the ways corporate media are working to enforce the “suicide” narrative in Epstein case

--AG Bill Barr said he had recused from Epstein case, but he is directly managing the “investigation”

--at MintPress, Whitney Webb drops 4th installment of her series, focused on the connections between the pedophile and Bill Clinton

--Jason Leopold gets documents showing that Trump crony Felix Sater was government informant for past 20 years

--was that Russian nuclear accident the new Chernobyl? Former weapons inspector Scott Ritter sets the story straight

--Israel bombs neighbors with impunity: first Syria, then Iraq, now Lebanon

--at The Intercept, Mehda Hasan is right” Aun San Suu Kyi should be indicted for Rohynga genocide

--in NY Times column, Nick Kristof continues his crusade to end the war on some drugs