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PBC News & Comment: France Hosts G7 Summit, Attempts ‘Rapprochement”

French President Macron adds drama to G7 meeting, invites Iran’s top diplomat, prods Trump to agree to meet with Rouhani….–expectations are low, but it’s a refreshing change to talk about talking instead of talking about war

–Trump claims power to order American corporations out of China under obscure 1977 law

–Trump draws new GOP challenger for 2020, former Rep. Joe Walsh, joining the Mooch as former Trumpists who now oppose him

–new national poll shows Biden, Warren and Sanders tied at 20%, Rep. Seth Moulton drops out with warning about going too far left

–at MintPress, a critical look at the foreign policy positions of leading Dem candidates by Ken Freeland

–in WhoWhatWhy editorial, Russ Baker notes the ways corporate media are working to enforce the “suicide” narrative in Epstein case

–AG Bill Barr said he had recused from Epstein case, but he is directly managing the “investigation”

–at MintPress, Whitney Webb drops 4th installment of her series, focused on the connections between the pedophile and Bill Clinton

–Jason Leopold gets documents showing that Trump crony Felix Sater was government informant for past 20 years

–was that Russian nuclear accident the new Chernobyl? Former weapons inspector Scott Ritter sets the story straight

–Israel bombs neighbors with impunity: first Syria, then Iraq, now Lebanon

–at The Intercept, Mehda Hasan is right” Aun San Suu Kyi should be indicted for Rohynga genocide

–in NY Times column, Nick Kristof continues his crusade to end the war on some drugs