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News & Comment: Barbara Boxer Shills for Lyft, and AOC Calls Her Out

As toxic tech companies battle bill to make gig workers employees, former Sen. Boxer lobbies for Lyft against exploited workers…–AOC shows brass balls, calls Boxer’s lobbying “stain on public service”

–Amazon’s doorbell camera company, Ring, partners with local police to create for-profit, private surveillance network;  The Guardian report is here, Buzzfeed report is here

–Google’s hackers report that iPhones are vulnerable to hacking when users visit unnamed websites

–fearing (Russian) hackers, DNC moves to block phone voting during Iowa caucuses

–reacting to IG’s mild rebuke of James Comey, Kevin Gosztola argues we have 2-tier system for leakers, and official leakers are not punished

–Trump tells his personal assistant, Madeleine Westerhout, “you’re fired” for allegedly leaking info about Trump family to media

–in local TV video interview, Leslie Lakes of Prison Arts Touching Hearts tells how she connected with artists in prison all over the country

–Hong Kong authorities round up protest leaders, cancel Saturday march, as more troops arrive from mainland China

–Iran’s leaders seem to accept they must deal with Trump, but maintain defiant approach

–Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan takes to NY Times to plead for peace over Kashmir

–former British PM John Major joins lawsuit against Boris Johnson over suspension of Parliament

–in Colombia, the FARC signals end to 3-year truce

–in Brazil, Glenn Greenwald reveals more evidence of corruption among anti-corruption prosecutors

–at WhoWhatWhy, Jeff Schectman interviews Nick Bryant, who exposed Jeffrey Epstein’s “black book” in 2012

–new judge at Guantanamo sets trial date for the men accused in 9/11 plot, 19.5 years after the events