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PBC News & Comment: 4th Amendment’s Latest Blow—Geo Search Warrants

Seeking to identify Antifa group that fought with Proud Boys, NYC DA used unconstitutional dragnet “reverse search warrants” targeting thousands….–read Albert Fox Cahn’s alarming report here

–after 7-year legal struggle, federal judge in Florida orders FBI to release full memo on the Saudi family that fled Sarasota before 9/11

–federal appeals court continues to block Indiana’s voter crosscheck law

conflicting rulings on Electoral College will lead to Supreme Court

–Joe Biden pulls a Brian Williams, fumbling facts in recounting soldier’s heroism, and tops it off with “this is the God’s truth”

–as DNC deadline passes, Sen. Gillibrand withdraws as Steyer and Gabbard fume over arbitrary rules

–former FBI boss Comey gets wrist slapped for releasing his memos about Trump meetings

–at ConsortiumNews, John Kiriakou deplores the entrapment of Maria Butina

–in new Pushback report, Glenn Greenwald and Aaron Maté report no apologies from MSM on Russiagate blunders

–Repetitive Rachel Maddow broke the story on TrumpCo’s end to deferred action for noncitizens with serious illnesses

–ICE prisons are infested with mumps, over 900 cases in past year

–arresting rightwing nationalist trajectory, Italy’s president directs departing prime minister Conte to form new government

–accelerating its rightwing nationalist trajectory, British PM Johnson weathers resignations and blistering criticism over move to suspend Parliament

–advocates for opioid justice slam proposed settlement with Sackler family

–in Brazil, government workers send SOS over extreme cuts to environmental enforcement

–500 million bees have dies in Brazil in 90 days, pesticides are blamed

–Trump’s EPA reveals plan to roll back methane limits, over objections of gas extractors

–16-year-old Swedish climate activist Great Thunberg completes solo Atlantic crossing, arrives in NY Harbor