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PBC News & Comment: 4th Amendment’s Latest Blow—Geo Search Warrants

Seeking to identify Antifa group that fought with Proud Boys, NYC DA used unconstitutional dragnet “reverse search warrants” targeting thousands….--read Albert Fox Cahn’s alarming report here

--after 7-year legal struggle, federal judge in Florida orders FBI to release full memo on the Saudi family that fled Sarasota before 9/11

--federal appeals court continues to block Indiana’s voter crosscheck law

--conflicting rulings on Electoral College will lead to Supreme Court

--Joe Biden pulls a Brian Williams, fumbling facts in recounting soldier’s heroism, and tops it off with “this is the God’s truth”

--as DNC deadline passes, Sen. Gillibrand withdraws as Steyer and Gabbard fume over arbitrary rules

--former FBI boss Comey gets wrist slapped for releasing his memos about Trump meetings

--at ConsortiumNews, John Kiriakou deplores the entrapment of Maria Butina

--in new Pushback report, Glenn Greenwald and Aaron Maté report no apologies from MSM on Russiagate blunders

--Repetitive Rachel Maddow broke the story on TrumpCo’s end to deferred action for noncitizens with serious illnesses

--ICE prisons are infested with mumps, over 900 cases in past year

--arresting rightwing nationalist trajectory, Italy’s president directs departing prime minister Conte to form new government

--accelerating its rightwing nationalist trajectory, British PM Johnson weathers resignations and blistering criticism over move to suspend Parliament

--advocates for opioid justice slam proposed settlement with Sackler family

--in Brazil, government workers send SOS over extreme cuts to environmental enforcement

--500 million bees have dies in Brazil in 90 days, pesticides are blamed

--Trump’s EPA reveals plan to roll back methane limits, over objections of gas extractors

--16-year-old Swedish climate activist Great Thunberg completes solo Atlantic crossing, arrives in NY Harbor