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PBC News & Comment: China’s Gulag Swells with Muslim Uighurs

First, China put Uighurs in “re-education camps”; now they’re being imprisoned in large numbers.  World Bank loans partly fund ethnic cleansing….--and Twitter is exposed for running Chinese government ads that promote disinformation about the repression of Uighurs

--speaking of Twitter, NY Times columnist Bret Stephens has deleted his account after brutal “bedbugs” post

--DNC bosses blocked presidential debate on climate, so CNN is presenting 10 mini-town halls with candidates tonight

--DNC continues to wrangle over caucus rules for Iowa and Nevada, worried that Russians will meddle in phone or mail voting, and former Obama COS McDonough invokes Russiagate

--conservaDem Richard Cohen of WashPost writes off Joe Biden

--convicted hacker Jeremy Hammond is moved to Virginia to testify before WikiLeaks grand jury

--Trump allies raise $2 million to attack enemies of the people, also known as reporters

--Boris Brexit Johnson loses control of Parliament, leading to snap election and many unknowns

--new UN report says US, Britain and France may be complicit with Saudis for war crimes in Yemen

--after months of protests, Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam finally withdraws extradition bill

--after months of debate, California Gov. Newsom backs bill to define gig workers as employees

--San Francisco passed resolution calling NRA a “domestic terrorist organization”

--at Soledad prison, California’s prison boss ignored warnings about mixing groups in recreation yards, and the next day a big fight broke out, as Brian Sonenstein reports