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PBC News & Comment: China’s Gulag Swells with Muslim Uighurs

First, China put Uighurs in “re-education camps”; now they’re being imprisoned in large numbers.  World Bank loans partly fund ethnic cleansing….–and Twitter is exposed for running Chinese government ads that promote disinformation about the repression of Uighurs

–speaking of Twitter, NY Times columnist Bret Stephens has deleted his account after brutal “bedbugs” post

–DNC bosses blocked presidential debate on climate, so CNN is presenting 10 mini-town halls with candidates tonight

–DNC continues to wrangle over caucus rules for Iowa and Nevada, worried that Russians will meddle in phone or mail voting, and former Obama COS McDonough invokes Russiagate

–conservaDem Richard Cohen of WashPost writes off Joe Biden

–convicted hacker Jeremy Hammond is moved to Virginia to testify before WikiLeaks grand jury

–Trump allies raise $2 million to attack enemies of the people, also known as reporters

–Boris Brexit Johnson loses control of Parliament, leading to snap election and many unknowns

–new UN report says US, Britain and France may be complicit with Saudis for war crimes in Yemen

–after months of protests, Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam finally withdraws extradition bill

–after months of debate, California Gov. Newsom backs bill to define gig workers as employees

–San Francisco passed resolution calling NRA a “domestic terrorist organization”

–at Soledad prison, California’s prison boss ignored warnings about mixing groups in recreation yards, and the next day a big fight broke out, as Brian Sonenstein reports