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PBC News & Comment: In CNN Round-Robin, Dem Prez Candidates Agree on Climate Crisis and Cheeseburgers

In 7-hour marathon framed by Hurricane Dorian, candidates tout their plans to address climate change as anchors sneer Sanders plan…–your humble host zipped through most of the serial mini-town halls, and offers observations

–Jeff Greenfield at Politico says forum went badly for Biden

–partly because The Intercept reported that Biden is apparently breaking his pledge not to take fossil fuel money, and Joe wasn’t prepared for it

–Rush Limbaugh plays the God Card, says climate crisis skeptics like him “believe in the majesty of God”

–federal judge rules that “terrorist watch list” violates our constitutional rights

–NC appeals court throws shade on SCOTUS with gerrymandering ruling

–listener Ian Berman, reacting to yesterday’s report on China’s treatment of Muslim minority Uighars, notes that Max Blumenthal doubts that “more than a million” are detained

–about a million Rohynga Muslim refugees in Bangladesh are being denied cell phone service

–US and China agree to resume trade talks as mutual tariffs take effect

–25-year-old son of former Egyptian president Morsi dies of reported heart attack in Cairo

–Italy’s new ruling coalition, without the far-right League, takes power

–some tough reviews for Mike Pence’s visit to Ireland, “he shat on the carpet”