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PBC News & Comment: In CNN Round-Robin, Dem Prez Candidates Agree on Climate Crisis and Cheeseburgers

In 7-hour marathon framed by Hurricane Dorian, candidates tout their plans to address climate change as anchors sneer Sanders plan…--your humble host zipped through most of the serial mini-town halls, and offers observations

--Jeff Greenfield at Politico says forum went badly for Biden

--partly because The Intercept reported that Biden is apparently breaking his pledge not to take fossil fuel money, and Joe wasn’t prepared for it

--Rush Limbaugh plays the God Card, says climate crisis skeptics like him “believe in the majesty of God”

--federal judge rules that “terrorist watch list” violates our constitutional rights

--NC appeals court throws shade on SCOTUS with gerrymandering ruling

--listener Ian Berman, reacting to yesterday’s report on China’s treatment of Muslim minority Uighars, notes that Max Blumenthal doubts that “more than a million” are detained

--about a million Rohynga Muslim refugees in Bangladesh are being denied cell phone service

--US and China agree to resume trade talks as mutual tariffs take effect

--25-year-old son of former Egyptian president Morsi dies of reported heart attack in Cairo

--Italy’s new ruling coalition, without the far-right League, takes power

--some tough reviews for Mike Pence’s visit to Ireland, “he shat on the carpet”