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PBC News & Comment: Trump Slams the Door on Refugees, as Dorian Creates Thousands of New Ones

Devastation on Abaco and Grand Bahama creates regional refugee crisis, just as Trump considers reducing 2020 refugee count to zero….–important new study concludes that fire did not cause collapse of WTC Building 7 on 9/11

–Oakland’s Ghost Ship fire killed 36 people in 2016; one defendant has been acquitted, the other drew hung jury

–doctors advise that vapers stop using e-cigarettes, after 3 deaths and 450 cases linked to mysterious vaping illness

–in CNN forum on climate change, Booker and Yang separated from the pack by promoting new generation of nuclear power plants

–Democrats make noise about investigating Trump’s profiteering in bid to host G7 at his Miami resort, and Pence’s stay at property in Ireland

–North Carolina court’s ruling against gerrymandering parallels case to expose the documents of GOP gerrymandering guru Hofeller

The Intercept details the big decision on terrorist watch lists

–as PBC posts new in-depth interview with journalist Dave Lindorff, who is on one of those watch lists

–Twitter boss Jack Dorsey’s phone was hacked via SIM-card switch

–Beto O’Rourke slams Twitter for refusing to take down false tweets which say that Odessa gunman was a Beto supporter

–one of Trump’s Twitter gladiators, Jacob Wohl, is arrested on securities charge

–man who tried to hack IRS for Trump’s tax returns pleads guilty

–Google accused of promoting climate change denial in AI-generated news summaries

–DARPA steps up to fight fake news, what could go wrong?

–in self-serving article, SF Chronicle reports on opposition to AB 5 gig worker bill, because it would raise costs for exploited newspaper delivery people

–GOP senators who backed Trump’s ridiculous “emergency” at border take big hits as Pentagon announces which projects are killed to divert money to the wall

–south Texas seniors resort will be trapped between Trump’s wall and the Rio Grande, and some residents won’t vote for Trump again

–weekend read: respected journalist Stephen Kinzer covers the Frank Olson case depicted in Wormwood, in excerpt from new book about CIA’s Sidney Gottleib