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PBC News & Comment: NPR Taps Top US Propagandist As New CEO

John Lansing runs US propaganda media like Voice of America and Radio Free Europe; he’s the new CEO at NPR….–Lansing will ensure that NPR continues to color inside the lines; last week, Rachel Maddow cited RFE as credible source in report on Ukraine

–Trump administration floats plan to use data collected from “Internet of Things” like fitness monitors to predict mass shootings

–and Whitney Web exposes how CIA, Mossad and “the Epstein network” are pretty far along in just such a scheme

–FBI is already targeting peaceful activists who oppose Trump border actions as “anarchist extremists”

–veteran EMF expert Libby Kelley talks about the 5G rollout, and the revelations that smart phone makers rig tests to show lower radiation, in new PBC interview

–as GOP leaders cancel primaries in 4 states, clown college alumni Joe Walsh and Mark Sanford announce challenges to Trump

–new Netflix series, The Family is fascinating, with some serious flaws

–Liberty University graduate pens expose of Jerry Falwell, Jr. as self-dealing businessman who rules with fear

–over the weekend, Trump revealed a plan for secret talks with the Taliban at Camp David, as he canceled them

CNN uses anonymous sources to stoke the embers of Russiagate, claiming that US spy was extracted from Kremlin in 2017 for fear that Trump would expose the mole

–facing rerun election next week, Netanyahu borrows from Trump playbook, warning the election will be stolen and race-baiting Arab Israelis

ConsortiumNews is back online after 5-day outage, and Pepe Escobar shares details of his meetings with Lula and former Brazilian president Dilma Rouseff

–no more calls for “ORDER!” in Parliament, as Speaker John Bercow resigns

–confronted with Pentagon diversion of flight crews to Trump hotel in Scotland, Stable Genius has amnesia

–Trump’s petty lies about Dorian hitting Alabama lead to some pushback from weather agency leaders

–hundreds of hurricane survivors fleeing the Bahamas are kicked off rescue ferry to Florida over visa spat

–Ohio is caging and purging voters, again

–last week, Biden rolled out climate plan that was plagiarized from fossil fuel groups

WashPost draws criticism for politicized fact-checking of Bernie Sanders