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PBC News & Comment: NPR Taps Top US Propagandist As New CEO

John Lansing runs US propaganda media like Voice of America and Radio Free Europe; he’s the new CEO at NPR….--Lansing will ensure that NPR continues to color inside the lines; last week, Rachel Maddow cited RFE as credible source in report on Ukraine

--Trump administration floats plan to use data collected from “Internet of Things” like fitness monitors to predict mass shootings

--and Whitney Web exposes how CIA, Mossad and “the Epstein network” are pretty far along in just such a scheme

--FBI is already targeting peaceful activists who oppose Trump border actions as “anarchist extremists”

--veteran EMF expert Libby Kelley talks about the 5G rollout, and the revelations that smart phone makers rig tests to show lower radiation, in new PBC interview

--as GOP leaders cancel primaries in 4 states, clown college alumni Joe Walsh and Mark Sanford announce challenges to Trump

--new Netflix series, The Family is fascinating, with some serious flaws

--Liberty University graduate pens expose of Jerry Falwell, Jr. as self-dealing businessman who rules with fear

--over the weekend, Trump revealed a plan for secret talks with the Taliban at Camp David, as he canceled them

--CNN uses anonymous sources to stoke the embers of Russiagate, claiming that US spy was extracted from Kremlin in 2017 for fear that Trump would expose the mole

--facing rerun election next week, Netanyahu borrows from Trump playbook, warning the election will be stolen and race-baiting Arab Israelis

--ConsortiumNews is back online after 5-day outage, and Pepe Escobar shares details of his meetings with Lula and former Brazilian president Dilma Rouseff

--no more calls for “ORDER!” in Parliament, as Speaker John Bercow resigns

--confronted with Pentagon diversion of flight crews to Trump hotel in Scotland, Stable Genius has amnesia

--Trump’s petty lies about Dorian hitting Alabama lead to some pushback from weather agency leaders

--hundreds of hurricane survivors fleeing the Bahamas are kicked off rescue ferry to Florida over visa spat

--Ohio is caging and purging voters, again

--last week, Biden rolled out climate plan that was plagiarized from fossil fuel groups

--WashPost draws criticism for politicized fact-checking of Bernie Sanders