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In-Depth Interview: EMF Expert Libby Kelley Talks About Cellphone Radiation and 5g Wireless Risks

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Libby Kelley of the Electromagnetic Safety Alliance comments on recent independent study of cellphone radiation, and the risks of 5G wireless technology.Elizabeth Kelley is  a longtime advocate for greater health protection from exposure to EMF (electromagnetic fields) produced by cellphones and other devices.  With a Master’s in public health from USC, she’s worked on health and public policy for 35+ years.  She’s executive director of both the Electromagnetic Safety Alliance and the international EMF Scientist Appeal to the UN.

Watch the video of this interview here.

We begin with discussion of the Chicago Tribune’s independent study of cellphone radiation, which shows that official test results delivered to the Federal Communications Commission understate radiation by factors of 2 or 3.  She notes that there’s been no testing of human exposure to 5G’s 100-millimeter waves, which are stronger and more prevalent than previous wireless generations.

We note that wireless companies have formed 5G promotional partnerships with major media outlets like the NY Times, which is promoting 5G uncritically.  Recently, the SF Chronicle ran an op-ed extolling 5G, with no counterpoint.

And we discuss the effort by more than 200 scientists worldwide to get the United Nations to study the impacts of 5G

Kelley can be reach on her landline at 520-912-4878 or by email, here.