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PBC News & Comment: Trump Fires Warmonger Bolton, Who Says He Quit

SuperHawk John Bolton is ousted, as Trump says he “disagreed strongly” on Iran, Venezuela, Afghanistan, North Korea, and the moustache….–regarding the scrapped plan to host Taliban leaders at Camp David, Mehdi Hasan gets it mostly right

–Trump’s first national security advisor, Gen. Mike Flynn is trying to wriggle out of his guilty plea

–at ConsortiumNews, Patrick Lawrence says Macron’s shift on Russia signals opening to reduce tensions

–but the anon-sourced report of extraction of Kremlin mole may be an effort to keep Cold War 2.0 going, and The Guardian speculates his name is Oleg Smolenkov

–at MintPress, editor Mnar Muhawesh builds a persuasive case that US is backing Hong Kong protests

–federal judge in Oakland renews national injunction of Trump’s illegal asylum policy

–Senate Democrats will force a vote they expect to lose, trying to end Trump’s “national emergency” declaration

–while heat for impeachment rises, Dems keep it on back burner, shifting focus to drug prices and gun control

–Trump held a mob rally in North Carolina to smear the moderate Democrat who was victim of GOP election fraud, and smears Bahamians, too

–former FEMA officials indicted for corruption in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria

–in Israel, desperate Bibi pledges to annex much of West Bank and apparently ordered airstrikes in Syria yesterday

–Google faces anti-trust investigations in 48 states, but not in California or Alabama

–does Trump want to help the homeless in California, or just use them to attack Democrats?

–as her presidential fortunes dim, Sen. Kamala Harris strains credibility with criminal justice reforms she ignored while California attorney general

–CA Gov. Newsom is under fire for negotiating some exemptions to new zero tolerance vaccination bill, and PBC thinks Newsom got it right