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PBC News & Comment: Weekend Attack on Saudi Oil Complex Blamed on Iran

Yemeni rebels say they used 10 drones in oil hub attack, but US propaganda machine immediately blames Iran, without evidence….–Trump is “locked and loaded” and awaits instructions from MBS

–Saudis claim Iranian weapons were used;  Saudis use US weapons to slaughter Yemenis, but they don’t attack US

–in explainer, WashPost admits that proof of Iranian support for Houthis is thin

–contradicting repeated comments by Trump, Pompeo and Mnuchin—as recently as last week—the Stable Genius now says his offer of Iran talks is “fake news”

–but Iran slams the door on meeting at UN next week, citing “max deceit”

–meddling in Israeli election tomorrow, Trump tweets support for Bibi, again

–Netanyahu tags his far-right former protégé, Liberman, as “part of the left” as Arab Israelis organize to tip the election to Benny Gantz

–Julian Assange has completed his British jail term, but will be held indefinitely for US extradition

–last week’s “Kremlin mole” story triggers Scott Ritter’s 50-page opus that leads PBC to suggest that Putin played the CIA with Russiagate

–Aaron Maté’s interview with John Kiriakou raises similar thinking

–two different reports surface about sneaky shit in CIA inspector general’s office, this one from WashPost, and this one from Yahoo News

–and Yahoo News also exposes “stunning breach” of FBI communications by Russians in the US

–former spy Valerie Plame is running for Congress in New Mexico, and many Dems are seduced by her TV ad

–new book by NY Times reporters confirms the obvious: Brett Kavanaugh lied in confirmation hearings, and FBI didn’t really investigate credible claims

–Dems call for impeachment of Kavanaugh, and Court watcher Ian Millhiser says conservatives outlined a way to eject a judge or justice without impeachment

–NY Times columnist Charles M. Blow is today’s Captain Obvious, he says Joe Biden is Problematic

–opioid traffickers, the Sacklers, file for bankruptcy on dubious terms, after raiding Purdue Pharma for another billion

–Rockstar obits: Ric Ocasek of The Cars dies at 75, and Eddie Money, who broke out of the Bay Area in the ‘80’s, dies at 70