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PBC News & Comment: Weekend Attack on Saudi Oil Complex Blamed on Iran

Yemeni rebels say they used 10 drones in oil hub attack, but US propaganda machine immediately blames Iran, without evidence….--Trump is “locked and loaded” and awaits instructions from MBS

--Saudis claim Iranian weapons were used;  Saudis use US weapons to slaughter Yemenis, but they don’t attack US

--in explainer, WashPost admits that proof of Iranian support for Houthis is thin

--contradicting repeated comments by Trump, Pompeo and Mnuchin—as recently as last week—the Stable Genius now says his offer of Iran talks is “fake news”

--but Iran slams the door on meeting at UN next week, citing “max deceit”

--meddling in Israeli election tomorrow, Trump tweets support for Bibi, again

--Netanyahu tags his far-right former protégé, Liberman, as “part of the left” as Arab Israelis organize to tip the election to Benny Gantz

--Julian Assange has completed his British jail term, but will be held indefinitely for US extradition

--last week’s “Kremlin mole” story triggers Scott Ritter’s 50-page opus that leads PBC to suggest that Putin played the CIA with Russiagate

--Aaron Maté’s interview with John Kiriakou raises similar thinking

--two different reports surface about sneaky shit in CIA inspector general’s office, this one from WashPost, and this one from Yahoo News

--and Yahoo News also exposes “stunning breach” of FBI communications by Russians in the US

--former spy Valerie Plame is running for Congress in New Mexico, and many Dems are seduced by her TV ad

--new book by NY Times reporters confirms the obvious: Brett Kavanaugh lied in confirmation hearings, and FBI didn’t really investigate credible claims

--Dems call for impeachment of Kavanaugh, and Court watcher Ian Millhiser says conservatives outlined a way to eject a judge or justice without impeachment

--NY Times columnist Charles M. Blow is today’s Captain Obvious, he says Joe Biden is Problematic

--opioid traffickers, the Sacklers, file for bankruptcy on dubious terms, after raiding Purdue Pharma for another billion

--Rockstar obits: Ric Ocasek of The Cars dies at 75, and Eddie Money, who broke out of the Bay Area in the ‘80’s, dies at 70