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PBC News & Comment: Pepe Escobar Says Houthis Capable of Attack on Saudi Oil Hub

As US and Saudis blame Iran for attack on Saudi oil complex, Pepe Escobar says Houthis have advanced missile, drone capabilities….–in first of 2-part in-depth interview, Escobar offers extensive comments on the Mideast, and tells of his interviews with former Brazilian leaders Lula and Dilma; part 2 focuses on the protests in Hong Kong, where Escobar used to live

–Escobar says it was a very successful asymmetrical assault, a game changer for Yemen war

–US has no treaty or other obligations to defend the Kingdom, as Daniel Larison comments in American Conservative; Trump has acknowledged this

–amid shifting scenarios, American intelligence is sifting through debris at Abqaiq, seeking evidence to support the narrative

–Matt Taibbi destroys the media-intel narrative around the Moscow Mole, Smolenkov in persuasive article

–Trump shrugs off the reports of Stingray phone surveillance of the White House attributed to Israel

–providing free promotion for Ed Snowden’s book, Permanent Record, government sues to confiscate profits due to nondisclosure agreements

–in big rally in NYC, Elizabeth Warren celebrates persistent women and shares plan to fight DC corruption

–Trump cheers as former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski stonewalls “impeachment investigation”

–in his first visit to California to scoop up campaign cash, Trump announces end to waiver that allowed stricter auto emissions rules

–the recent claims about Brett Kavanaugh are undermined, as Congressional Dems dismiss impeachment talk

–collateral damage in Epstein case, as MIT Prof. Richard Stallman resigns

–NBC dismissed new SNL actor for insulting Andrew Yang, over Yang’s objections

–Cokie Roberts, child of Democratic fixer Hale Boggs who became leading female reporter in Washington, has died at 75