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PBC News & Comment: Elections Deal Setback to Netanyahu—Will He Survive?

Election re-run’s initial results show Bibi, Benny in virtual tie, with Arab Israelis and Lieberman positioned to tip the balance….--in Haaretz, Yosi Verter gives blistering summary of Netanyahu’s sordid campaign, focused on keeping him immune from corruption trial

--US continues to blame Iran for “act of war” in attack on Saudi oil patch

--top NY Times reporter David Sanger protects his access to Intel leakers while raising legit questions about Trump’s credibility

--Saudis blame Iran for “sponsoring” the assault, but expose doubts by asking for UN investigation

--in part 2 of our podcast with Pepe Escobar, he explains how Hong Kong’s oligarchs and leader Carrie Lam “fucked up”

--at Guantanamo, 9/11 suspect was secretly taped in “confession” conversation with another prisoner, and the court is reviewing its legal status

--Trump smears Ilhan Omar, again, retweeting video of her dancing on 9/13 and brazenly claiming it showed her “partying on 9/11”

--AOC gives interview to NY Times on how she “learned to play by Washington’s rules”

--Green New Deal is undermined by corporate Dems led by Scott Peters of San Diego, offering weak alternative

--Bill McKibben urges you to join the climate strike this Friday

--Guardian serves up 6 cases of climate whistleblowers who have been silenced under Trump

--UN Secretary General warns, “we are losing the race”

--in Jamaica, “coral gardeners” are working to restore the reefs

--in yesterday’s “impeachment” hearing, Trump loyalist Corey Lewandowsi warmed up for probable Senate run by proudly stonewalling almost every question

--at The Intercept, David Stein recaps Biden’s history on crime legislation, shows he was tougher than Reagan on the War on Some Drugs

--NY Times really blew it on fresh Kavanaugh claims

--Repo men (and women) have built a database—with GPS locations—on 9 billion license plates, says report at Vice Motherboard