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PBC News & Comment: Elections Deal Setback to Netanyahu—Will He Survive?

Election re-run’s initial results show Bibi, Benny in virtual tie, with Arab Israelis and Lieberman positioned to tip the balance….–in Haaretz, Yosi Verter gives blistering summary of Netanyahu’s sordid campaign, focused on keeping him immune from corruption trial

–US continues to blame Iran for “act of war” in attack on Saudi oil patch

–top NY Times reporter David Sanger protects his access to Intel leakers while raising legit questions about Trump’s credibility

–Saudis blame Iran for “sponsoring” the assault, but expose doubts by asking for UN investigation

–in part 2 of our podcast with Pepe Escobar, he explains how Hong Kong’s oligarchs and leader Carrie Lam “fucked up”

–at Guantanamo, 9/11 suspect was secretly taped in “confession” conversation with another prisoner, and the court is reviewing its legal status

–Trump smears Ilhan Omar, again, retweeting video of her dancing on 9/13 and brazenly claiming it showed her “partying on 9/11”

–AOC gives interview to NY Times on how she “learned to play by Washington’s rules”

–Green New Deal is undermined by corporate Dems led by Scott Peters of San Diego, offering weak alternative

–Bill McKibben urges you to join the climate strike this Friday

Guardian serves up 6 cases of climate whistleblowers who have been silenced under Trump

–UN Secretary General warns, “we are losing the race”

–in Jamaica, “coral gardeners” are working to restore the reefs

–in yesterday’s “impeachment” hearing, Trump loyalist Corey Lewandowsi warmed up for probable Senate run by proudly stonewalling almost every question

–at The Intercept, David Stein recaps Biden’s history on crime legislation, shows he was tougher than Reagan on the War on Some Drugs

NY Times really blew it on fresh Kavanaugh claims

–Repo men (and women) have built a database—with GPS locations—on 9 billion license plates, says report at Vice Motherboard