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PBC News & Comment: Spooks Launch New Effort to Torpedo Trump

Based on anonymous leaks, WashPost says Intel whistleblower heard Trump make troubling “promise” to foreign leader in call tapped by NSA…..–Inspector General Atkinson talked about process, but not details, in secret House Intel Committee meeting

MSNBC pounces on the leak, uses unrelated Trump fumbles to try to set the hook

–former NSA technical director Bill Binney tells us this new episode is either bullshit or horseshit

–whistleblower Linda Lewis shares court documents from prosecution of leaker Daniel Hale, eliminating any defense based on good intentions

–Hale’s leaks were about civilian deaths from US drone strikes, yesterday we killed 30 pine nut pickers in Afghanistan in errant drone attack

–echoing our recent interview, Pepe Escobar’s latest article confirms Houthi capabilities in claimed attack on Saudi oil facilities

NY Times headlines Iran’s Zarif threat of “all-out war” while his full comments oppose military conflict

–at MintPress, Medea Benjamin and Nicolas Davies focus on the real issue, Saudi Arabia’s brutal war on Yemen

–and The Guardian’s diplomatic editor makes the point, diplomatically, that nobody has any credibility in this mess

–with election in 5 weeks, Canada’s Justin Trudeau moves into damage control over 3 episodes of blackface

–Mitch McConnell relents, says he backs additional $250 million in election security

–Standing Rock protester Red Fawn Fallis, who was framed by undercover agent posing as her lover, will serve 3 more years in prison for possessing the agent’s gun

–there are plenty of reasons to oppose Valerie Plame’s run for Congress, but smearing her with Phil Giraldi’s article isn’t fair

–listen to my original interview with Giraldi here

–as California recovers from Trump’s infestation, he threatens San Francisco with EPA enforcement over drug needles flowing into the Pacific

–Sander Vanocur, respected TV newsman who quizzed Nixon and Kennedy in 1960 debate, dies at 91