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PBC News & Comment: Spooks Launch New Effort to Torpedo Trump

Based on anonymous leaks, WashPost says Intel whistleblower heard Trump make troubling “promise” to foreign leader in call tapped by NSA…..--Inspector General Atkinson talked about process, but not details, in secret House Intel Committee meeting

--MSNBC pounces on the leak, uses unrelated Trump fumbles to try to set the hook

--former NSA technical director Bill Binney tells us this new episode is either bullshit or horseshit

--whistleblower Linda Lewis shares court documents from prosecution of leaker Daniel Hale, eliminating any defense based on good intentions

--Hale’s leaks were about civilian deaths from US drone strikes, yesterday we killed 30 pine nut pickers in Afghanistan in errant drone attack

--echoing our recent interview, Pepe Escobar’s latest article confirms Houthi capabilities in claimed attack on Saudi oil facilities

--NY Times headlines Iran’s Zarif threat of “all-out war” while his full comments oppose military conflict

--at MintPress, Medea Benjamin and Nicolas Davies focus on the real issue, Saudi Arabia’s brutal war on Yemen

--and The Guardian’s diplomatic editor makes the point, diplomatically, that nobody has any credibility in this mess

--with election in 5 weeks, Canada’s Justin Trudeau moves into damage control over 3 episodes of blackface

--Mitch McConnell relents, says he backs additional $250 million in election security

--Standing Rock protester Red Fawn Fallis, who was framed by undercover agent posing as her lover, will serve 3 more years in prison for possessing the agent’s gun

--there are plenty of reasons to oppose Valerie Plame’s run for Congress, but smearing her with Phil Giraldi’s article isn’t fair

--listen to my original interview with Giraldi here

--as California recovers from Trump’s infestation, he threatens San Francisco with EPA enforcement over drug needles flowing into the Pacific

--Sander Vanocur, respected TV newsman who quizzed Nixon and Kennedy in 1960 debate, dies at 91