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PBC News & Comment: Intercepted Trump Call Was With Ukraine, Not Russia

Steady drip of leaks connect Trump’s intercepted phone call to new Ukrainian president, not Putin; and Giuliani’s search for Biden dirt…–clowns to the left: Dems struggle to overcome lies and obstruction by Trumpists

–jokers to the right: Giuliani denies, then admits in bizarre Cuomo interview, that he and Trump have leaned on Ukraine to investigate Bidens, then adds untethered claim that Bidens “took $1.5 billion out of China”

–Trump says he doesn’t know who blew the whistle, but declares the person “partisan”and Pelosi harrumphs

–yellow journalism in NY Times front-pager that uses parade of Boltons to slam Trump for not already attacking Iran

–buried in The Times, an honest account of the major weaknesses of Saudi military

–Israeli election tally shows Gantz 33, Netanyahu 31, but Bibi the desperado fights like his life depends on it

–Rex Tillerson, former Secretary of State, says Netanyahu “played” Trump

–Americans have free speech, except when they criticize Israel or doubt the official story on 9/11

–led by young activists, millions are marching and prtesting for action on climate change

–at WhoWhatWhy, Jeff Schectman talks with Bill McKibben

–PBC podcast about Twitter’s failure to apply its standards to Trump is posted

–Trump says “it’s crazy” to spend $13 million a year for each prisoner at Gitmo

–you can’t say “torture” in Guantanamo court, but it’s OK in federal appeals court

–lagging in the polls, Beto O’Rourke visited San Quentin and weed shops in Cali

–new poll shows last Dem debate didn’t change much, but Buzzfeed frames it as a gain for Sen. Warren

–Bernie Sanders calls for end to “Right to Work” laws

–Democratic Socialists of America are being slammed by unions for promoting democracy in unions

Gary Chew Reviews Official Secrets, the new feature film about whistleblower Katherine Gunn, who exposed wiretapping at the UN by the US in advance of the failed vote to approve the Iraq invasion