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PBC News & Comment: New Truth Emergency!

Ukraine flap energizes impeachment, Trump induces whiplash with daily contradictions, corporate media protects Biden, spooks defend a whistleblower; where’s truth?....--Trump admits he withheld $400 mil from Ukraine, says other nations paid too little, but others have actually kicked in $16 billion

--PBS Newshour, The Guardian, NY Times and WashPost all dismiss any wrongdoing by the Bidens

--but when James Risen was still at The Times, he wrote this article in 2015, which outlines the Biden leverage on Ukraine that got prosecutor fired

--Pelosi’s allergy to impeachment is weakening, as her freshman vets and spooks say Ukraine scandal tips them in favor

--the Speaker seems to prefer Adam Schiff over Jerrold Nadler to lead impeachment select committee

--NY Times columnist Ross Douthat lists 4 reasons Trump wants impeachment

--GOP political consultant Mike Murphy calls for impeachment, to force Republicans to take a position

--Trump gave a lousy teleprompter speech at UN, renewing his nationalist creed

--European leaders fall in line, blame Iran for attack on Saudis, with no evidence

--twice in 4 days, NY Times front page features yellow journalism aimed at goading Trump into attacking Iran

--US airstrikes in Afghanistan killed another 40 civilians at wedding party

--Twitter suspends dormant account of Saudi official linked to Khashoggi assassination and 5,000 others, but Trump tweets freely

--Boris Johnson suffers huge setback, top UK court rules against his suspension of Parliament, and former PM David Cameron is very, very sorry about Brexit mess

--El Salvador signs sham agreement with US on asylum

--as Elizabeth Warren climbs in polls, Bernie Sanders floats new wealth tax and plan to cancel medical debts

--at The Hill, Krystal Ball sees Warren getting the nomination, and losing to Trump; watch her compelling arguments here

--Danny Haiphong compares Warren and Sanders on social welfare policy

--Jeff Cohen argues that running Biden would repeat the 2016 tragedy

--Tulsi Gabbard clears hurdles for next debate in Ohio, as anti-Modi Indian publication, The Caravan, reveals her network of Hindu and Indian donors

--in bizarre, incoherent move, Trump EPA threatens California over air quality, after lowering auto mileage standards that will reduce air quality

--with red flag wildfire alerts, utility P G & E shuts off power in 3 counties

--BB King’s famous guitar, Lucille, is sold for $280,000