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PBC News & Comment: Dems Choose Wrong Route to Impeachment

Pelosi dramatically announced “impeachment inquiry” based on Ukraine scandal, but Trump’s possibly-doctored “transcript” shows no smoking gun, so far….–the document is a “memorandum of telephone conversation”, not a verbatim transcript, could be similar to AG Barr’s “summary” of Mueller report

–Pelosi denounces Trump’s “lawlessness” as fellow Dems claim the call with Zelensky is “far more damning” than expected”

–corporate media slams Trump on bad optics, but serves up weak arguments about impeachable offenses

–despite the evaporation of some hype regarding Ukraine flap, Pelosi urges colleagues to narrowly focus impeachment on the Ukraine call

–some argue, like Bush team did in 2003, that this case is easier to sell to the public than the convoluted Russiagate saga

–Biden campaign is in full damage control mode, instructing compliant corporate media how to cover it

–at The Intercept, James Risen re-spins his 2015 report about Joe and Hunter in Ukraine

–at UN, Zelensky appears with Trump, says he didn’t feel pressured

–White Housse compiled powerful rebuttal talking points, and sent them to Pelosi and other Democrats

–209 of the necessary 218 Democrats in House now support impeachment inquiry

NY Times columnist Frank Bruni thinks you should be terrified of the distraction and unpredictability of impeachment

–Netanyahu isn’t dead yet, he’s been tapped to try to forma government, again

–Elizabeth Warren tops Biden in new national poll, as Bernie slips

–Honduras falls in behind Guatemala and El Salvador, OK’s phony asylum deal

–Al Franken is working on rehab, will host new weekly show on Sirius/XM