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PBC News & Comment: Dems Choose Wrong Route to Impeachment

Pelosi dramatically announced “impeachment inquiry” based on Ukraine scandal, but Trump’s possibly-doctored “transcript” shows no smoking gun, so far….--the document is a “memorandum of telephone conversation”, not a verbatim transcript, could be similar to AG Barr’s “summary” of Mueller report

--Pelosi denounces Trump’s “lawlessness” as fellow Dems claim the call with Zelensky is “far more damning” than expected”

--corporate media slams Trump on bad optics, but serves up weak arguments about impeachable offenses

--despite the evaporation of some hype regarding Ukraine flap, Pelosi urges colleagues to narrowly focus impeachment on the Ukraine call

--some argue, like Bush team did in 2003, that this case is easier to sell to the public than the convoluted Russiagate saga

--Biden campaign is in full damage control mode, instructing compliant corporate media how to cover it

--at The Intercept, James Risen re-spins his 2015 report about Joe and Hunter in Ukraine

--at UN, Zelensky appears with Trump, says he didn’t feel pressured

--White Housse compiled powerful rebuttal talking points, and sent them to Pelosi and other Democrats

--209 of the necessary 218 Democrats in House now support impeachment inquiry

--NY Times columnist Frank Bruni thinks you should be terrified of the distraction and unpredictability of impeachment

--Netanyahu isn’t dead yet, he’s been tapped to try to forma government, again

--Elizabeth Warren tops Biden in new national poll, as Bernie slips

--Honduras falls in behind Guatemala and El Salvador, OK’s phony asylum deal

--Al Franken is working on rehab, will host new weekly show on Sirius/XM