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PBC News & Comment: Whistleblower Complaint Released as DNI Testifies

Acting DNI Maguire defends his handling of whistleblower case, as document outlines serious concerns based entirely on second-hand information….

–the case against Trump is serious, but not clear and simple as Dems have claimed

–read the complaint letter here

–both parties scored points in today’s hearing; Dems show corruption, coverups, and Rogue Rudy as GOP hits back with failed Russiagate and Biden

–the whistleblower says that White House officials were alarmed by the nature of the call, and took steps to bury the records of the call

–beyond the July phone call, there’s clear evidence of Giuliani’s efforts to dig for Biden dirt in Ukraine

–on the call, Zelensky told Trump he’d stayed at one of his NY hotels, adding to emoluments offenses

–as he left the UN this morning, Trump attacked the still-unknown whistleblower, suggesting s/he’s a spy

–the Ukrainian prosecutor that Trump and Giuliani like—who was fired by Zelensky—says Hunter Biden “did not violate anything”, but doesn’t mention Joe

–inconveniently, WashPost right wing columnist Marc Thiessen notes that top Dem senators wrote to that same prosecutor in May, before he was fired, asking him to investigate Trump, with bland threats to cut off aid

–progressive groups are urging Pelosi to cancel 2-week recess set to start Friday

–despite threats of Congressional lockdown over impeachment, both houses have passed stinky budget bill that keeps government running for 60 days

–while we are distracted, Iran’s Rouhani gave an important speech at UN, warning that Mideast is “on the edge of collapse”