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PBC News & Comment: Ukraine-Focused Impeachment is Complicated and Risky

Trump, allies preview their counterattacks—based on projection—that will complicate Dems’ strategy while confusing the public, Biden won’t survive….--Trump unleashes hard-hitting TV spot, Trump needles Adam Schiff with call for his resignation, after Schiff made stupid, inaccurate comments about call memo

--GOP hunkers down in fear of Trump, and fear for their own political futures

--corporate media goes full bore, with NY Times says impeachment is the only option in face of Ukrainegate

--Kurt Volker, Trump’s Ukraine envoy who set up meetings for Giuliani, resigned abruptly Friday after Rudy claims Volker authorized his misadventures

--most media continue to exonerate the Bidens while noting the stench of Hunter’s profiteering on Daddy’s name; WashPost details its findings

--The Atlantic recaps Hunter Biden’s “perfectly legal, socially acceptable corruption”

--Russian-American Yasha Levine notes the deep history of US interference in Ukraine

--the Ukrainian prosecutor who Biden got fired, Viktor Shokin, directly fingers Biden for his dismissal, and adds major new claim of interference

--the recent prosecutor fired by Zelensky over Trump’s advice, Lutsenko, plays both sides of the table

--Intel whistleblowers Russ Tice and John Kiriakou have interesting takes; Kiriakou was interviewed by Kevin Gosztola

--Danny Sjursen, our recent podcast guest, says “impeach them all

--fresh polls show increase in support for impeachment, and broad concern about Trump’s actions

--Dahlia Lithwick, a Russiagate booster, asks about other Trump phone call memos that may have been buried in top-secret server

--Biden staffers advise media to black out Rudy Giuliani

--American journalist who believes he is on US “kill list” is denied relief by federal judge after “state secrets” assertion is made

--Joe Wilson, who exposed Bush’s lies on yellowcake from Niger, dies at 69