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PBC News & Comment: Ukraine-Focused Impeachment is Complicated and Risky

Trump, allies preview their counterattacks—based on projection—that will complicate Dems’ strategy while confusing the public, Biden won’t survive….–Trump unleashes hard-hitting TV spot, Trump needles Adam Schiff with call for his resignation, after Schiff made stupid, inaccurate comments about call memo

–GOP hunkers down in fear of Trump, and fear for their own political futures

–corporate media goes full bore, with NY Times says impeachment is the only option in face of Ukrainegate

–Kurt Volker, Trump’s Ukraine envoy who set up meetings for Giuliani, resigned abruptly Friday after Rudy claims Volker authorized his misadventures

–most media continue to exonerate the Bidens while noting the stench of Hunter’s profiteering on Daddy’s name; WashPost details its findings

The Atlantic recaps Hunter Biden’s “perfectly legal, socially acceptable corruption”

–Russian-American Yasha Levine notes the deep history of US interference in Ukraine

–the Ukrainian prosecutor who Biden got fired, Viktor Shokin, directly fingers Biden for his dismissal, and adds major new claim of interference

–the recent prosecutor fired by Zelensky over Trump’s advice, Lutsenko, plays both sides of the table

–Intel whistleblowers Russ Tice and John Kiriakou have interesting takes; Kiriakou was interviewed by Kevin Gosztola

–Danny Sjursen, our recent podcast guest, says “impeach them all

–fresh polls show increase in support for impeachment, and broad concern about Trump’s actions

–Dahlia Lithwick, a Russiagate booster, asks about other Trump phone call memos that may have been buried in top-secret server

–Biden staffers advise media to black out Rudy Giuliani

–American journalist who believes he is on US “kill list” is denied relief by federal judge after “state secrets” assertion is made

–Joe Wilson, who exposed Bush’s lies on yellowcake from Niger, dies at 69