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PBC News & Comment: Sen. Harris, Tech Columnist Join Call for Twitter to Suspend Our Fearless Tweeter

NY Times tech columnist Kara Swisher, Sen. Kamala Harris join our calls for Twitter to enforce its own rules, and suspend Trump….Swisher says “Trump is too dangerous for Twitter”

–pro-Trump Washington Examiner calls Harris “wannabe dictator”

–Mark Zuckerberg and Sen. Elizabeth Warren trade jabs about her call to break up big tech companies

–at MintPress, reporter Jimmysllama exposes how Spanish surveillance firm spied on Assange 24/7 at embassy, and CIA had direct feeds

–Colombia’s spy chief resigns over false evidence used by President Duque at UN last week, claiming Venezuela has been harboring Colombian rebels

–from China, split-screen coverage shows 70th anniversary parade in Beijing as protests continue in Hong Kong escalate to police shooting of protester

–Haitians are in the streets demanding resignation of US-installed president, Jovenel Moise, as cholera survivors sue UN in US Supreme Court; we exposed the UN role in the cholera epidemic in this 2016 podcast

–in rare conviction of a police officer, former Dallas cop Amber Guyger is convicted of murdering her neighbor

–California Gov. Newsom signs bill allowing college athletes to control their name and image for endorsements and other income

–new report shows that DEA increased quotas for opioid production as death toll mounted

–federal appeals court dings FCC for its process, but upholds GOP move to end Net Neutrality

–as NY Times floods print and online editions with Verizon ads for 5G wireless, WashPost covers challenge that 5G will interfere with critical weather satellites

–routine corruption under Trump: Interior secretary pushes for expansion of Shasta Dam—illegal under California law—to please former lobbying clients

From the Impeachment File

–Aaron Maté, who was a chief skeptic of Russiagate, warns Dems that Ukrainegate is shaping up as a bad bet for Democrats

–John Kiriakou, former CIA officer and whistleblower, has big questions about the new CIA whistleblower

–in a tedious “end of the republic” essay, Ross Douthat of NY Times pulls the scab off Biden misbehavior in Ukraine

Wall Street Journal reports that Pompeo was listening to Trump’s call to Zelensky in July

–The Ukraine investigation reveals that Giuliani, Barr and Pompeo are all involved in Trump-led investigations of the Mueller investigation

–Pompeo is attempting to block current and former State Dept. people from talking to impeachment committees

–Barr has been to England, Italy and Spain as part of his inquest