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PBC News & Comment: Terrorist Surveillance Aimed at Nonviolent Protesters Exposed in Berkeley, and Oregon

More mission creep, as Berkeley cops used “fusion center” technology to spy on protesters, and Oregon unit spies on LNG protesters…Read the report on Berkeley here, and on Coos Bay, Oregon here

–at MintPress, Whitney Webb offers evidence that Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell worked for Israeli intelligence

–relentlessly cruel, TrumpCo advances new asylum rules with time limits for unaccompanied minors, even as Judge Dolly Gee flatly rejects changes to her consent decree on locking up children

–at ConsortiumNews, Jonathon Cook reviews reactions to climate activist Greta Thunberg

-Boeing engineer who worked on 737 Max accuses company of trading profits for safety

–federal judge rules in favor of Harvard admissions policy that limited Asian applicants

–Bernie Sanders is recovering from heart surgery in Las Vegas

From the impeachment file:

 –Washington abuzz as State Dept inspector general alerts impeachment committees he has some documents to share

–Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi warn Trump to stop stonewalling and attempting to intimidate the whistleblower

–Pompeo confirms he was on the Ukraine call

–AG Bill Barr held 2 meetings with Italian officials, looking for the qhost of Joseph Mifsud

–CREW lawsuit from May requiring White House to preserve records has led judge to give White House a day to voluntarily agree

–Trump and allies are outspending the Dems on Facebook ads, 4-1 ratio