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PBC News & Comment: Polls Show Support For Impeachment Growing

New polls show growing support for impeachment inquiry, as Trump blocks Gordon Sondland from talking to House committees today, stonewalling…..

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–and Sen. Lindsay Graham invites Rudy Giuliani to entertain Senate Judiciary

–in powerful essay, Andrew Bacevich exposes the real driver behind impeachment: restoration of elite Democrats

–based on lotsa Russiagate BS, Senate Intel report warns of more Russian interference in 2020, WashPost doesn’t bother to report recommended actions

NY Times stokes Russophobia, linking Skripal case to other actions blamed on Russia, and concludes Putin is trying to destabilize Europe

–at The Grayzone, Max Blumenthal joins Aaron Maté and says that yes, Ukraine did interfere in 2016 to help Clinton

–scooped by Associated Press, NY Times covers Rick Perry’s schemes in Ukraine

–corporate media ignores confirmed reports that Nancy Pelosi’s son, Paul Jr, has been an executive with Viscoil, a Ukrainian gas company

–Bipartisan objections to Trump’s latest, abrupt attempt to exit Syria raise some important considerations, but never admit that US troops had no business there

–Danny Sjursen praises Trump’s attempt, while ackowledging that Kurds are being betrayed, again

–and at The Intercept, Jon Schwartz says this is the 8th time that US has screwed Kurds

–in new podcast at WhoWhatWhy, Tracey Rosenberg explains how Berkeley is using hi-tech surveillance, in violation of its own laws

–Ecuador’s president delivered Assange to prison, now delivers austerity in IMF deal, and violent protests force him to flee the capital

–excellent detail on Ecuador by Denis Rogatyuk of The Grayzone

–in new in-depth interview, former North Dakota gas plant operator Paul Lehto confirms 11 million gallon oil spill and other safety violations

–in unexpected move, Commerce Dept announces blacklisting of Chinese surveillance firms over human rights abuses of Uighurs

–bounced from China, South Park creators upstage NBA in mock apology