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PBC News & Comment: Polls Show Support For Impeachment Growing

New polls show growing support for impeachment inquiry, as Trump blocks Gordon Sondland from talking to House committees today, stonewalling…..

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--and Sen. Lindsay Graham invites Rudy Giuliani to entertain Senate Judiciary

--in powerful essay, Andrew Bacevich exposes the real driver behind impeachment: restoration of elite Democrats

--based on lotsa Russiagate BS, Senate Intel report warns of more Russian interference in 2020, WashPost doesn’t bother to report recommended actions

--NY Times stokes Russophobia, linking Skripal case to other actions blamed on Russia, and concludes Putin is trying to destabilize Europe

--at The Grayzone, Max Blumenthal joins Aaron Maté and says that yes, Ukraine did interfere in 2016 to help Clinton

--scooped by Associated Press, NY Times covers Rick Perry’s schemes in Ukraine

--corporate media ignores confirmed reports that Nancy Pelosi’s son, Paul Jr, has been an executive with Viscoil, a Ukrainian gas company

--Bipartisan objections to Trump’s latest, abrupt attempt to exit Syria raise some important considerations, but never admit that US troops had no business there

--Danny Sjursen praises Trump’s attempt, while ackowledging that Kurds are being betrayed, again

--and at The Intercept, Jon Schwartz says this is the 8th time that US has screwed Kurds

--in new podcast at WhoWhatWhy, Tracey Rosenberg explains how Berkeley is using hi-tech surveillance, in violation of its own laws

--Ecuador’s president delivered Assange to prison, now delivers austerity in IMF deal, and violent protests force him to flee the capital

--excellent detail on Ecuador by Denis Rogatyuk of The Grayzone

--in new in-depth interview, former North Dakota gas plant operator Paul Lehto confirms 11 million gallon oil spill and other safety violations

--in unexpected move, Commerce Dept announces blacklisting of Chinese surveillance firms over human rights abuses of Uighurs

--bounced from China, South Park creators upstage NBA in mock apology