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PBC News & Comment: Facing Wildfire Threat, Utility Cuts Power in N. California

Our rogue, bankrupt utility turns off power to some counties, then delays shutdown as forecasted winds haven’t materialized; collective punishment?...

--the risk is real, but PG&E’s past failures and liabilities leave customers wondering if this is overkill that leads to other risks, like thousands of home generators

--as Turkey invades Syria to slaughter the Kurds, Trump claims he doesn’t approve

--WashPost leaks some details of Trump’s phone call with Erdogan on Sunday

--The Guardian reports that 20 energy firms are responsible for 35% of CO2 and methane, and profiles Richmond, CA, the oil town across the bridge from PBC

--violent protests continue in Ecuador, but Moreno refuses to step down

--lawsuit exposes cruel ICE tactic, using green card interviews to deport the immigrant spouse

--Defense Intelligence agency employee is arrested for leaking secrets

From the impeachment file:

--Trump White House throws up stone wall to impeachment, using silly legal bluster, including bizarre re-writes of Watergate

--SF Chronicle legal writer Bob Egelko exposes the legal bullshit

--NY Times offers background to whistleblower complaint, but can’t say which whistleblower

--at Shadowproof, Kevin Gozstola offers some good analysis

--WashPost surveys all GOP senators, finds 14 who aren’t solid for Trump

--The Intercept continues to exonerate Bidens of crimes in Ukraine, as it exposes how Hunter and Joe’s brother cashed in on the Senator for decades

--at ConsortiumNews, Joe Lauria gives critical review to Jane Mayer’s report on the Bidens

--James Risen recaps recent mistreatment of journalists at US borders

--linguistics Prof. George Lakoff argues against banning Trump from Twitter