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PBC News & Comment: FISA Court Report Shows FBI Abuses Surveillance Rules

Trevor Aaronson reports on declassified FISA court ruling from 2018, showing that FBI accessed phone calls 3 million times in one year….–first, an update on power shutoffs and wirldfire risk in California

–read Trevor Aaronson’s report here

–Kevin Gosztola reports that surveillance of Assange and his guests—including Americans—was shared with CIA and FBI

ConsortiumNews reports on British exports of spy gear to repressive governments, violating British law

NBC and CNBC reporters are linked to the arrest of alleged national security leaker, Henry Frese, and one of the reporters was living with Frese

–as Turkey’s invasion of Syria expands, Erdogan threatens to send 3 million Syrian refugees to Europe if leaders there call his attack an “occupation”

Haaretz reports that Syria has made an offer to the Kurds to join Assad’s forces

–in bizarre comment, Stable Genius says the Kurds only care about “their land” and didn’t fight with the US in WW2

–as trade talks with China stall, Trump triggers stock market surge with pledge that he will intervene to stop the stupid trade war he started

–Apple caves to Beijing, pulls App “HK” that protesters use to share info on police, as the protesters rally for release of jailed activist

–Jane Sanders delayed confirming that Bernie had a heart attack because her daughter-in-law got a cancer diagnosis and died suddenly

From the impeachment file….

–Joe Biden makes clear call for impeachment, as his campaign slams NY Times for its reporting on Biden-Ukrainegate

–2 pals of Rudy Giuliani have been arrested for campaign violations after making $325,000 contribution to Trump PAC

–VP Mike Pence is notably evasive in interview about Ukraine

–Trump buddy Michael Pillsbury says he got info on Hunter Biden in China, then walks it back

–NY Times runs editorial and op-ed urging Pelosi and the House to fight back against Trump’s stonewalling with aggressive moves