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PBC News & Comment: Yellow Journalism Infects Syria Coverage and Dem Primary

Promoting hawkish NeoCon agenda, corporate media slams Trump over Syria retreat, and NY Times smears Tulsi Gabbard a dozen ways….--the Gabbard story is an ugly hit piece, read it here

--NBC News retaliates on former employee Ronan Farrow over his claims that network covered up Matt Lauer’s escapades and blocked Weinstein reporting

--bizarre deep-fake video of Trump shooting journalists and network logos is shown at Trump resort in Florida

--Nashville TV anchor shows up the network talking heads, and grills Mike Pompeo

--Syrian Kurds appear to have made a pact with Assad

--first potential war crimes are reported, and NY Times investigation shows Russian bombers targeted hospitals in Syria in May attacks

--all 28 EU nations agree to ban arms sales to Turkey

--corporate media, in lockstep, relentlessly spin the story as Trump’s blunder, and never mention that US had only 150 troops near Turkish border

--the only dissenting view is from Guardian opinion writer Simon Jenkins

--in surprise capitulation, Ecuador’s Lenin Moreno cancels IMF austerity plan

--Spanish court convicts 9 Catalan separatists for 2017 independence drive

--as Trump approaches 1,000 days in office, he has lied over 13,000 times

--his claims of a meaningful trade agreement with China are latest lies

--his 4th Homeland Security boss quit on the same day that courts dealt setbacks to Trump on immigration policies

--Sen. Elizabeth Warren challenges Facebook by running intentionally false ad about Zuck supporting Trump

--as Warren gains in the polls, she’s not getting endorsed by fellow Democratic elected officials

--Tuesday’s debate in Ohio draws calls for new topics, like homeless issues

From the impeachment file

 --is the Stable Genius ready to jettison Rudy Giuliani?

--despite White House efforts to block her, former national security staffer Fiona Hill gave closed-door testimony today

--Trump’s campaign manager, Brad Parscale, calls impeachment effort “seditious conspiracy”

--Max Blumenthal reveals how the influential Atlantic Council, which gets funding from Burisma and US-based multinational oil firms