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PBC News & Comment: Ready for an American Military Coup?

Hysterical coverage of Syria retreat continues, and Adm. McRaven pens op-ed in NY Times offering rationales for Trump’s imminent removal…..–you can read the ravings of McRaven here

PBC invites Bay Area listeners to attend an ACLU panel discussion this Thursday, October 24.  Details here

–edging closer to challenging Trump, Mitt Romney says Trump was played by Turkey and Russia

–corporate media continue to frame Syria pullout as “cave-in” based on false notions that US must dominate the Mideast

–Turkey refuses to call Pence’s cease-fire a cease-fire, preferring “pause”

–at ConsortiumNews, Pepe Escobar gives a brief history of how Syria won the war, and CIA lost

–and Max Blumenthal reveals that the US has backed 21 of the 28 “crazy militias” now aligned with Turkey

–at Truthdig, Danny Sjursen thinks Trump could stick Democrats with pro-war stances to distract from impeachment and win the election

NY Times did acknowledge Tulsi Gabbard’s criticism, using it to repeat smears from last week

–Hillary Clinton spins fantasies about Gabbard as Russia’s choice for a third-party run

–in Georgetown speech, Mark Zuckerberg defends Facebook’s speech policies

–Facebook critic Siva Vaidhyanathan pulverizes Zuck’s speech in op-ed

From the impeachment file

–Mulvaney tries to walk back his comments which confirmed Ukraine quid pro quo and advice to “get over it”

–George Kent, who faced investigators this week, says he tried to sound alarm about Hunter Biden’s Burisma gig in 2015

–Democrats’ talking points are revealed

–Rick Perry, implicated in Ukraine schemes, announces resignation to spend more time with his lawyers

In other news…

–a Mexican immigrant died in ICE custody in Illinois

–brother of Honduras president is convicted for taking $1 million from El Chapo, who delivered the cash personally

–a son of El Chapo was arrested by Mexican police, but the cartel launched a war and AMLO ordered him released

–general strike shuts down Barcelona in protest of conviction of separatist leaders

–Jim Fetzer convicted by jury over book co-authored with Mike Palacek called Nobody Died at Sandy Hook