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PBC News & Comment: Ambassador Taylor Saw Quid Pro Quo

Bill Taylor’s opening statement details what he saw as linkage between military aid release and Ukraine investigations, “incredibly damning”….--are the Clinton book tour and Hillary’s Russia smears testing the waters for her to make a late entry and save the day? NY Times is setting the stage

--at The Guardian, Nathan Robinson slams the smearing of Tulsi Gabbard

--Kevin Gosztola delivers an excellent recap of the Gabbard-Clinton tussle

--NY Times continues to hammer Trump over Syria exit plan, extolling Putin as a winner to bruise Trump’s ego

--in stinky decision, appeals court upholds most government claims of secrecy related to No Fly List

--in case that used unconstitutional “reverse search warrants”, 2 of the “Proud Boys” draw 4 years in prison for street brawl last year

--Roger Stone loses appeal of social media gag order

--Stone is featured in new documentary about Roy Cohn, the ruthless NY lawyer who worked for Joe McCarthy, and later represented Trump

--in new, in-depth interview, Ted Howard of Democracy Collaborative talks up new economic models to use local resources to support working class

--at ConsortiumNews, Craig Murray says Julian Assange showed symptoms consistent with torture in court appearance yesterday

--Bernie Sanders says he wouldn’t use Espionage Act on whistleblowers

--NY Times columnist Jamelle Bouie compares Sanders to Eugene Debs

--Justin Trudeau ekes out narrow win in Canadian election

--in Bolivia, Evo Morales is being accused of stealing his re-election

--in Chile, wounded protesters decry police brutality that left 15 dead