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PBC News & Comment: Tulsi Confronts the Clinton Cult

Many Democrats embraced and amplified Clinton’s smears of Gabbard, as Tulsi responds with attacks on warmongers and Democratic rot….–Friday night on CNN, Van Jones firmly denounced Clinton’s evidence-free attacks

PBC invites Bay Area listeners to attend an ACLU panel discussion this Thursday, October 24.  Details here

–Gabbard seizes the opening, and punches back a bit too far

–Matt Taibbi gets it right at Rolling Stone

–new Iowa poll shows Buttigieg moving into 3rd place

–“Bernie is back”, holds big Brooklyn rally with AOC endorsing

–Julian Castro says he will bail from race unless he can raise $800k in 10 days

–Robert Reich is tired of the pack of candidates, wants to thin the herd pronto, but PBC doesn’t agree

–GOP House members lead meaningless effort to censure Adam Schiff, as Pelosi and Schiff spent the weekend in Mideast and Afghanistan

–Benjamin Netanyahu gives up on forming a government in Israel, opponent Benny Gantz gets a chance now

–confusion in Syria, as US withdrawal proceeds but Pentagon says we will keep 200 troops in northeast Syria to protect oil fields

–Turkey’s Erdogan goes public with his desire to obtain nuclear weapons

–did Parliament listen to half million London protesters when it delayed Brexit to January?

–weekend protests continued in Hong Kong, as new protests erupt in Beirut and Santiago

–Trump holds his cabinet hostage as he rants to reporters, denouncing the Emoluments Clause after withdrawing plan to host G7 at his Miami hotel

–Facebook discloses new disinformation campaigns from Iran and Russia

–Trump’s investigation of the Mueller investigation is moving along, according to secret sources of the NY Times

–in court appearance, Julian Assange seems shaky and disoriented

–white collar drug dealers who profited from opioids make initial settlement in Cleveland court