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PBC News & Comment: Tulsi Confronts the Clinton Cult

Many Democrats embraced and amplified Clinton’s smears of Gabbard, as Tulsi responds with attacks on warmongers and Democratic rot….--Friday night on CNN, Van Jones firmly denounced Clinton’s evidence-free attacks

PBC invites Bay Area listeners to attend an ACLU panel discussion this Thursday, October 24.  Details here

--Gabbard seizes the opening, and punches back a bit too far

--Matt Taibbi gets it right at Rolling Stone

--new Iowa poll shows Buttigieg moving into 3rd place

--“Bernie is back”, holds big Brooklyn rally with AOC endorsing

--Julian Castro says he will bail from race unless he can raise $800k in 10 days

--Robert Reich is tired of the pack of candidates, wants to thin the herd pronto, but PBC doesn’t agree

--GOP House members lead meaningless effort to censure Adam Schiff, as Pelosi and Schiff spent the weekend in Mideast and Afghanistan

--Benjamin Netanyahu gives up on forming a government in Israel, opponent Benny Gantz gets a chance now

--confusion in Syria, as US withdrawal proceeds but Pentagon says we will keep 200 troops in northeast Syria to protect oil fields

--Turkey’s Erdogan goes public with his desire to obtain nuclear weapons

--did Parliament listen to half million London protesters when it delayed Brexit to January?

--weekend protests continued in Hong Kong, as new protests erupt in Beirut and Santiago

--Trump holds his cabinet hostage as he rants to reporters, denouncing the Emoluments Clause after withdrawing plan to host G7 at his Miami hotel

--Facebook discloses new disinformation campaigns from Iran and Russia

--Trump’s investigation of the Mueller investigation is moving along, according to secret sources of the NY Times

--in court appearance, Julian Assange seems shaky and disoriented

--white collar drug dealers who profited from opioids make initial settlement in Cleveland court