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PBC News & Comment: As Ukrainegate Unravels, GOP Loyalists Resort to Stunts

More than 20 GOP members try to shut down impeachment interview in silly stunt that shows Trump, allies are desperate…–Bill Taylor’s testimony builds on earlier interviews, buttressing key events and undermining misleading comments, esp. from Sondland

PBC invites Bay Area listeners to attend an ACLU panel discussion this Thursday, October 24.  Details here

–mole in the hearings: Mike Pence’s big brother Greg has seat on Foreign Affairs committee

–Trump struggles to find attack line on Taylor

NY Times uses unnamed sources and undisclosed evidence to claim that Ukraine knew about aid freeze in early August, contradicting Trump and defenders

–based on Taylor’s testimony, WashPost speculates that AG Bill Barr was more directly involved than he has asserted

–Giuliani’s creepy pals, Lev and Igor, plead not guilty, as Buzzfeed details their lavish spending and big money wire transfers

WashPost’s Aaron Blake argues against Trump defenders

–Trump’s Twitter mob is carpet bombing Adam Schiff

–Trump called impeachment “lynching” as federal appeals court hears plea to unseal grand jury records from 1946 lynching near Atlanta

–to change the subject, Trump claims brilliant victory in Syria

–Tom Friedman still promotes American imperialism and exceptionalism, but notes that Russia inherits a mess and the war inevitably had to end

–at Grayzone Project, Ben Norton drills in on Trump’s revised plan to leave 200 troops in NE Syria to grab the oil

–Obamacare is still alive, with expanded choice and lower rates in some states

–federal appeals court hears astounding claims of Trump’s immunity in tax return fight

–Justice Dept. sues California over climate pact that involves Canadian provinces, and may have viable legal arguments

–Rep. Betty McCollum, Minnesota Democrat, continues fight to force Israel to change its brutal treatment of Palestinian youths

–riots in Bolivia suggest possible US-backed coup attempt

–riiots continue in Chile as billionaire president tries to buy peace

–Zuckerberg faces grilling on several topics in hearing today