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PBC News & Comment: GOP Stunts Disrupting Impeachment OK’d By Trump

At White House dinner, Trump complained to House Republicans, and approved their juvenile stunts to disrupt impeachment investigation interviews yesterday…–but Fox host and right wing darling Andrew Napolitano says Dems are following the rules passed by Boehner’s GOP majority

–Trump’s patsy, Lindsay Graham, announces Senate resolution denouncing impeachment

–in plea hearing, Rudy Giuliani’s crony Lev Parnas hints at executive privilege claim that his lawyer admits he doesn’t really understand

fresh yellow journalism from NY Times, running heartfelt profile of Ukraine’s fighters against Russia, burying the news that US bars them from using arms we send

–in yellowish report by Steven Erlanger, The Times continues to lecture Trump for policies in Syria and Ukraine that divide Europe, then admits Europe was already deeply divided

–and opinion columnist Bret Stephens thinks it’s a good thing that Democrats are supporting Neocon policies in opposition to Trump

–Caitlin Johnstone reports on rigged reports from chemical weapons agency regarding alleged Syrian chemical attack on Douma in 2018

–pick your poll: CNN shows Biden ahead of Warren by 15 points; Quinnipiac shows Warren up by 7; Tim Ryan drops out, Joe Sestak walks New Hampshire, alone

–after a week in the streets, unified Lebanese demand new government

–Boris Johnson is now demanding a new election on December 12, but needs Labor’s support, as Brexit chaos continues

–at The Guardian, Jill Stein responds to Hillary Clinton’s Russia smears

–by most accounts, Zuck didn’t win any new friends in DC hearing, as he dodged most questions while asserting free speech rights

–tech columnist Kara Swisher has some smart comments about Facebook

–as substitute for gun legislation, Senate Republicans propose total surveillance of American students

–reprising the FBI’s 1960’s investigation of “Louie Louie”, Jason Leopold confirms that Secret Service interviewed Eminem after he released rap songs slamming Donald and Ivanka