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PBC News & Comment: GOP Stunts Disrupting Impeachment OK’d By Trump

At White House dinner, Trump complained to House Republicans, and approved their juvenile stunts to disrupt impeachment investigation interviews yesterday…--but Fox host and right wing darling Andrew Napolitano says Dems are following the rules passed by Boehner’s GOP majority

--Trump’s patsy, Lindsay Graham, announces Senate resolution denouncing impeachment

--in plea hearing, Rudy Giuliani’s crony Lev Parnas hints at executive privilege claim that his lawyer admits he doesn’t really understand

--fresh yellow journalism from NY Times, running heartfelt profile of Ukraine’s fighters against Russia, burying the news that US bars them from using arms we send

--in yellowish report by Steven Erlanger, The Times continues to lecture Trump for policies in Syria and Ukraine that divide Europe, then admits Europe was already deeply divided

--and opinion columnist Bret Stephens thinks it’s a good thing that Democrats are supporting Neocon policies in opposition to Trump

--Caitlin Johnstone reports on rigged reports from chemical weapons agency regarding alleged Syrian chemical attack on Douma in 2018

--pick your poll: CNN shows Biden ahead of Warren by 15 points; Quinnipiac shows Warren up by 7; Tim Ryan drops out, Joe Sestak walks New Hampshire, alone

--after a week in the streets, unified Lebanese demand new government

--Boris Johnson is now demanding a new election on December 12, but needs Labor’s support, as Brexit chaos continues

--at The Guardian, Jill Stein responds to Hillary Clinton’s Russia smears

--by most accounts, Zuck didn’t win any new friends in DC hearing, as he dodged most questions while asserting free speech rights

--tech columnist Kara Swisher has some smart comments about Facebook

--as substitute for gun legislation, Senate Republicans propose total surveillance of American students

--reprising the FBI’s 1960’s investigation of “Louie Louie”, Jason Leopold confirms that Secret Service interviewed Eminem after he released rap songs slamming Donald and Ivanka