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PBC News & Comment: Let’s Compare Coverage of Barr’s Investigation of Russiagate

WashPost offers balanced coverage, while NY Times and Rachel Maddow inject bias based on their investment in Russiagate narrative….--notably, The Post refers to Trump and Barr theories as “unproven” while The Times and MSNBC repeatedly use “conspiracy theory”

--Thursday night, Maddow’s bias was blatant

--Lindsay Graham says 50 GOP senators support his resolution condemning impeachment

--PBC’s bullshit detector pegs on report that Trump might sell the DC hotel

--Maria Butina, falsely portrayed as Russian spy, is released from federal prison and will be deported to Russia; listen to Jim Bamford explain she wasn't a spy here

--MSM outlets make corrections about Hillary Clinton’s comments about Tulsi Gabbard, but the smear is clear

--FAIR report agrees that Russia smears are false, but covers what it calls “Gabbard’s actual troubling ties” to Indian nationalists

--at MintPress, Whitney Webb reports that Barr is proposing pre-crime program based on pervasive surveillance

--in podcast interview, Tracy Rosenberg reveals video surveillance operations in Berkeley, CA that violate the city’s laws

--and for your weekend listening, Jeff Schectman talks with my friend Charles Glass about Syria, Lebanon and Kashmir

--reversing Syria withdrawal plans, Pentagon says some troops will remain and Trump claims “we took over oil”

--in California, Sonoma wildfire may have been caused by PG&E, new fire breaks out in Santa Clarita, north of LA

--low on cash, Biden revokes pledge not to use SuperPacs, and Lee Fang reveals that the donors have big corporate connections

--Ways & Means chair Richie Neal gets loads of corporate money, and is preventing a real prescription drug law from passing; key unions support the effort

--freshman Rep. Katie Hill of Southern California fights revenge porn from ex-husband and admits she had an affair with female campaign staffer