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PBC News & Comment: Let’s Compare Coverage of Barr’s Investigation of Russiagate

WashPost offers balanced coverage, while NY Times and Rachel Maddow inject bias based on their investment in Russiagate narrative….–notably, The Post refers to Trump and Barr theories as “unproven” while The Times and MSNBC repeatedly use “conspiracy theory”

–Thursday night, Maddow’s bias was blatant

–Lindsay Graham says 50 GOP senators support his resolution condemning impeachment

–PBC’s bullshit detector pegs on report that Trump might sell the DC hotel

–Maria Butina, falsely portrayed as Russian spy, is released from federal prison and will be deported to Russia; listen to Jim Bamford explain she wasn’t a spy here

–MSM outlets make corrections about Hillary Clinton’s comments about Tulsi Gabbard, but the smear is clear

FAIR report agrees that Russia smears are false, but covers what it calls “Gabbard’s actual troubling ties” to Indian nationalists

–at MintPress, Whitney Webb reports that Barr is proposing pre-crime program based on pervasive surveillance

–in podcast interview, Tracy Rosenberg reveals video surveillance operations in Berkeley, CA that violate the city’s laws

–and for your weekend listening, Jeff Schectman talks with my friend Charles Glass about Syria, Lebanon and Kashmir

–reversing Syria withdrawal plans, Pentagon says some troops will remain and Trump claims “we took over oil”

–in California, Sonoma wildfire may have been caused by PG&E, new fire breaks out in Santa Clarita, north of LA

–low on cash, Biden revokes pledge not to use SuperPacs, and Lee Fang reveals that the donors have big corporate connections

–Ways & Means chair Richie Neal gets loads of corporate money, and is preventing a real prescription drug law from passing; key unions support the effort

–freshman Rep. Katie Hill of Southern California fights revenge porn from ex-husband and admits she had an affair with female campaign staffer