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PBC News & Comment: Max Blumenthal’s Arrest Blacked Out by MSM

No corporate media outlet has reported journalist Max Blumenthal’s arrest 6 days ago, an indictment of our declining Fourth Estate…--Blumenthal has agreed to PBC interview on Monday, Nov. 4

--at Shadowproof, Kevin Gosztola details Blumenthal’s arrest

--Caitlin Johnstone denounces the silent ones

--WashPost uses yellow journalism to stoke claims that Maduro is behind unrest in Chile and Ecuador

--in party line vote, House approves impeachment plan

--from a perch that might be tagged “anti-anti-Trump”, Peter van Buren offers some healthy criticism of the impeachment effort

--last week, federal judge gave boost to impeachment, ruling to hand over Mueller grand jury evidence to House Judiciary Committee

--Tim Morrison, a Bolton recruit on National Security Council, gave interview to investigators after announcing resignation

--yesterday, Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman said the Zelensky phone call memo edited out some comments

--GOP members tried to get Vindman to name the CIA whistleblower

--70 Inspectors General criticize Justice Dept’s refusal to forward report to Congress

--Twitter says it will ban all political ads, but continues to let Trump tweet

--Russiagate creator John Brennan makes wild claim about 2016 meddling, and got nervous when grad student asked him for proof of Russian hacking

--Tulsi Gabbard goes all in on presidential campaign, won’t run to keep House seat

--after voting for impeachment today, Rep. Katie Hill gave farewell speech, says “double standard” is forcing her out

--Islamic State names new leader, after top 2 are killed in US raids

--Grayzone’s Dan Cohen reports that the US had created a safe haven for Baghdadi and IS in Idlib

--Trump keeps up the crazy talk about “keeping the oil” in NE Syria

--as second OPCW whistleblower surfaces, Caitlin Johnstone updates the unproven claims that chlorine gas was dropped in Douma last year

--Microsoft got the Pentagon cloud contract—did Trump rig the deal to screw Bezos?

--as Trump packs the courts with conservative white males, Lawrence VanDyke starts crying after “unqualified” rating is detailed