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PBC News & Comment: Max Blumenthal’s Arrest Blacked Out by MSM

No corporate media outlet has reported journalist Max Blumenthal’s arrest 6 days ago, an indictment of our declining Fourth Estate…–Blumenthal has agreed to PBC interview on Monday, Nov. 4

–at Shadowproof, Kevin Gosztola details Blumenthal’s arrest

–Caitlin Johnstone denounces the silent ones

WashPost uses yellow journalism to stoke claims that Maduro is behind unrest in Chile and Ecuador

–in party line vote, House approves impeachment plan

–from a perch that might be tagged “anti-anti-Trump”, Peter van Buren offers some healthy criticism of the impeachment effort

–last week, federal judge gave boost to impeachment, ruling to hand over Mueller grand jury evidence to House Judiciary Committee

–Tim Morrison, a Bolton recruit on National Security Council, gave interview to investigators after announcing resignation

–yesterday, Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman said the Zelensky phone call memo edited out some comments

–GOP members tried to get Vindman to name the CIA whistleblower

–70 Inspectors General criticize Justice Dept’s refusal to forward report to Congress

–Twitter says it will ban all political ads, but continues to let Trump tweet

–Russiagate creator John Brennan makes wild claim about 2016 meddling, and got nervous when grad student asked him for proof of Russian hacking

–Tulsi Gabbard goes all in on presidential campaign, won’t run to keep House seat

–after voting for impeachment today, Rep. Katie Hill gave farewell speech, says “double standard” is forcing her out

–Islamic State names new leader, after top 2 are killed in US raids

Grayzone’s Dan Cohen reports that the US had created a safe haven for Baghdadi and IS in Idlib

–Trump keeps up the crazy talk about “keeping the oil” in NE Syria

–as second OPCW whistleblower surfaces, Caitlin Johnstone updates the unproven claims that chlorine gas was dropped in Douma last year

–Microsoft got the Pentagon cloud contract—did Trump rig the deal to screw Bezos?

–as Trump packs the courts with conservative white males, Lawrence VanDyke starts crying after “unqualified” rating is detailed