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PBC News & Comment: ConservaDems Pounce on Elizabeth Warren

Sen. Warren details her Medicare for All plan, Biden, Bennet, Buttigieg and Pelosi all declare opposition as Iowa poll puts Warren first….–Warren’s plan includes higher taxes for the rich, and Pentagon cuts

–new Iowa poll shows Warren and Sanders on top, with Biden fading

–new national poll shows almost even divide on impeachment

–the lockstep GOP partisanship is similar to their 100% opposition to Obamacare, and shows their contempt for constitutional rule

–Pelosi “doesn’t rule out” charges of obstruction outlined in Mueller report

–Trump says he’s done nothing wrong, and wants to hold fireside chat on TV to read us the Zelensky “transcript”

–listener and legal beagle Paul Lehto reacts to Rep. Louie Gohmert’s threats of civil war, seeing it as basis to appeal to Supreme Court

–Keystone pipeline spews almost 400,000 gallons of crude oil in North Dakota

–in fresh, in-depth interview, Johanna Bozuwa from Democracy Collaborative argues for public ownership of PG&E

–one week after Max Blumenthal’s arrest for committing journalism, corporate media blackout continues, as Alan McLeod details at Mint Press

–Bernie Sanders appeared at J Street this week; at The Intercept, Mehdi Hasan is mostly favorable; at Mint Press, Miko Peled is more critical

–at The Guardian, Hamilton Nolan asks why Dem elites are so desperate for a centrist candidate

–from the foreign desk, Iraq protesters get promise of new elections, protests continue in Ecuador, Chile, Hong Kong and Beirut

–night raids in Afghanistan continue, with CIA accused of war crimes