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PBC News & Comment: Clowns to the Left of Me, Jokers to the Right

Crazy speculation about causes of California wildfires comes from Trump on the right, and leftish crazies who blame space weapons…–Trump’s arrogance and ignorance on equal display in recent tweets

–on Facebook, Liam Patrick from Bath, NY is a leading expert on the causes of fires in California, and a leftish climate change denier

–“evidence” cited includes 2018 YouTube video of woman blaming Rothschilds

–the actual causes are utility lines and human behavior

–Gov. Newsom is threatening PG&E with a public takeover, as PBC advocates

–in power shutdowns provoked by wildfire risks, cellphones are unreliable because carriers have no obligation to keep towers operating

–House committees start releasing transcripts of “secret” interviews, as White House blocks testimony from key lawyer, John Eisenberg

Buzzfeed’s Jason Leopold does great reporting using FOIA, but first batch of Mueller investigation papers is underwhelming

–Hillary Clinton reacts to weak documentary “The Great Hack” and keeps the Russia blame game going amid hints she may try another run in 2020

–reporting on new polls and Wall St. fears, NY Times minimizes Bernie Sanders

–Beto O’Rourke drops out, as Kamala Harris makes the cut for November debate

–Dems lag hugely on social media, Axios reports

–Dems tap Obama campaign genius David Plouffe to run dark money super PAC to focus on social media in 4 key states

NY Times runs 10-page special section analyzing Trump’s 11,390 tweets since 2016

NY Times laments that Israel is losing support from progressives

–for unexplained reasons, White House has frozen promised military aid to Lebanon

–as election looms, UK’s conservative leader announces fracking ban

–rightwing British magazine The Spectator claims Jared Kushner gave MBS OK to arrest Khashoggi, and Turkey used it to blackmail Trump to exit Syria

–E. Jean Carroll, advice columnist who accused Trump of raping her, files defamation suit to follow up

–appeals court ignores Trump’s wild claims of immunity, orders his accounting firm to release tax records

–Oregon federal judge blocks Trump bid to require immigrants to prove they have health insurance

–Iraqis who risked their lives during US occupation are being denied refugee status to enter US