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PBC News & Comment: Gabbard Breaks Democratic Silence on 9/11

Without donning tinfoil hat, Tulsi Gabbard challenges the 9/11 coverup, demands answers about Saudi role, unafraid to challenge Democratic groupthink….–Watch Gabbard’s comments to 9/11 families here

–as Buzzfeed details, Gabbard has consistently said she won’t run as third party candidate, as many people believe Hillary Clinton’s speculation

–at MintPress, Alan MacLeod confirms PBC’s observations of media bias against Bernie Sanders

–and at ConsortiumNews, Elizabeth Vos says DNC leaders have delegitimized democracy, not Russia

–Colorado man arrested for bomb plot on Colorado synagogue had lots of help from paid FBI informants

–at Wounded Knee in the mid 1970’s, FBI had informants in American Indian Movement, says documentary filmmaker Kevin McKiernan in PBC interview

–new study shows that Islamaphobic Twitter attacks on Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib were amplified by accounts now dormant

–Israeli Supreme Court defines sharp limits on dissent, ordering expulsion of human rights activist over prior support for BDS

–American philanthropist Adam Milstein lies profusely in comments about conference of Students for Justice in Palestine, and BDS

–at Truthout, Prof. Stephen Zunes recaps Joe Biden’s extreme support for Israel

–House Dems subpoena Mick Mulvaney, knowing he won’t show up

–Giuliani’s pal Lev Parnas indicates he will sing

–Mike Pompeo faces State Dept. revolt, as he continues to side with Trump

–Pompeo formally announced US intention to withdraw from Paris accord in one year

–as 11,0000 scientists say we’re in a climate emergency

–former Intel officer who worked at Facebook posts revealing op-ed

Buzzfeed’s Zoe Tillman deserves credit for exposing rapist in Justice Dept.

–Oklahoma freed 500 prisoners yesterday

–and Rep. John Conyers was buried in Detroit