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PBC News & Comment: Gabbard Breaks Democratic Silence on 9/11

Without donning tinfoil hat, Tulsi Gabbard challenges the 9/11 coverup, demands answers about Saudi role, unafraid to challenge Democratic groupthink….--Watch Gabbard’s comments to 9/11 families here

--as Buzzfeed details, Gabbard has consistently said she won’t run as third party candidate, as many people believe Hillary Clinton’s speculation

--at MintPress, Alan MacLeod confirms PBC’s observations of media bias against Bernie Sanders

--and at ConsortiumNews, Elizabeth Vos says DNC leaders have delegitimized democracy, not Russia

--Colorado man arrested for bomb plot on Colorado synagogue had lots of help from paid FBI informants

--at Wounded Knee in the mid 1970’s, FBI had informants in American Indian Movement, says documentary filmmaker Kevin McKiernan in PBC interview

--new study shows that Islamaphobic Twitter attacks on Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib were amplified by accounts now dormant

--Israeli Supreme Court defines sharp limits on dissent, ordering expulsion of human rights activist over prior support for BDS

--American philanthropist Adam Milstein lies profusely in comments about conference of Students for Justice in Palestine, and BDS

--at Truthout, Prof. Stephen Zunes recaps Joe Biden’s extreme support for Israel

--House Dems subpoena Mick Mulvaney, knowing he won’t show up

--Giuliani’s pal Lev Parnas indicates he will sing

--Mike Pompeo faces State Dept. revolt, as he continues to side with Trump

--Pompeo formally announced US intention to withdraw from Paris accord in one year

--as 11,0000 scientists say we’re in a climate emergency

--former Intel officer who worked at Facebook posts revealing op-ed

--Buzzfeed’s Zoe Tillman deserves credit for exposing rapist in Justice Dept.

--Oklahoma freed 500 prisoners yesterday

--and Rep. John Conyers was buried in Detroit