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PBC News & Comment: Key Impeachment Witness Changes His Story

Gordon Sondland, who was one of first interviewed, modifies his “quid pro quo” comments to align with other witnesses’ testimony….–Rep. Adam Schiff announces first public hearings next week

–Sen. Rand Paul, Rush Limbaugh and Don Jr. push to expose CIA “whistleblower” as most media outlets refuse

–some GOP senators consider stunts during impeachment trial, including calling Joe & Hunter Biden to testify

–Justice Dept. inspector general and the Barr-Durham report are on the horizon

–trial of Roger Stone for lying to Congress is underway

–in leak enabled by right wing provocateurs Project Veritas, ABC anchor complains that networked spiked her reports on Jeffrey Epstein; watch the video here

–Trump displaces Native American Heritage Month with “National American History and Founders’ Month”, reports Natasha Lennard

–at MintPress, Alan McLeod derides Speaker Pelosi’s trash talk on Medicare for All

–Rep. Ayanna Pressley (D_MA) breaks ranks with the Squad by endorsing her home state senator, Elizabeth Warren

–off-year elections were good for Dems in Virginia and Kentucky, as San Francisco voters give edge to Chesa Boudin, a public defender with infamous parents

–Virginia woman who was photographed flipping the bird to Trump motorcade wins county election

–California mayors advance plan to turn utility PG&E into co-op

–Kevin Gosztola at Shadowproof reports on former CIA employee’s efforts to challenge Espionage Act indictments

–newly retired Parliament Speaker Bercow says Brexit is biggest mistake since WW2

–Ben Norton at Grayzone reports on think tank report called “Syria in the Gray Zone” which ignores Trump’s call for US withdrawal

NY Times sounds alarm over Russian moves into Libya, politely refraining from calling out Obama for toppling Qaddafi