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PBC News & Comment: Airbnb Party Houses Turn Deadly

After 5 were killed on Halloween at Bay Area Airbnb “party house”, SF Chronicle reports that nationwide, 17 killed in past 6 months….--read the Chronicle report here

--Roger Stone trial sees evidence that Stone lied to Congress and threatened witness Randy Credico

--John Bolton now says he will only talk to impeachment investigation with a court order, and he skipped an interview today

--Dems continue to squabble over scope of impeachment inquiry

--Trump and tweeting allies continue attacks on credible witnesses, and want to expose the “whistleblowers”

--WashPost says AG Bill Barr declined Trump request to hold news conference and exonerate the stable genius

--recovered from 2 years of abuse by Trump, Jeff Sessions will try to take back his Senate seat next year

--Trump moves markets again, as Chinese and US negotiators reach informal agreement to roll back some tariffs

--NY state judge orders Trump to pay $2 million to charities over his phony foundation

--Trump’s Justice Dept. is trying to undermine prison releases under “First Step Act”

--Maria Butina gave prison interview to Lesley Stahl for 60 Minutes, and denied she was a spy; but Stahl used her denials to stoke false beliefs

--Bernie Sanders unveils immigration reform plan that’s pretty damn good

--Biden went to K street for corporate/lobbyist cash, and slammed Warren

--at election night event, SF lefties angered over slimy campaign ads from Police Officers Association chanted “Fuck the POA!”

--NY Times continues to promote endless war in Syria, using envoy’s memo to support continued US presence

--at Grayzone Project, Max Blumenthal hits Trump’s fake withdrawal from Syria

--at MintPress, Peter Ford argues that UK is complicit in Trump’s bizarre attempt to take Syrian oil as war spoils

--France’s Macron says NATO is facing “brain death” because of Trump