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PBC News & Comment: Airbnb Party Houses Turn Deadly

After 5 were killed on Halloween at Bay Area Airbnb “party house”, SF Chronicle reports that nationwide, 17 killed in past 6 months….–read the Chronicle report here

–Roger Stone trial sees evidence that Stone lied to Congress and threatened witness Randy Credico

–John Bolton now says he will only talk to impeachment investigation with a court order, and he skipped an interview today

–Dems continue to squabble over scope of impeachment inquiry

–Trump and tweeting allies continue attacks on credible witnesses, and want to expose the “whistleblowers”

WashPost says AG Bill Barr declined Trump request to hold news conference and exonerate the stable genius

–recovered from 2 years of abuse by Trump, Jeff Sessions will try to take back his Senate seat next year

–Trump moves markets again, as Chinese and US negotiators reach informal agreement to roll back some tariffs

–NY state judge orders Trump to pay $2 million to charities over his phony foundation

–Trump’s Justice Dept. is trying to undermine prison releases under “First Step Act”

–Maria Butina gave prison interview to Lesley Stahl for 60 Minutes, and denied she was a spy; but Stahl used her denials to stoke false beliefs

–Bernie Sanders unveils immigration reform plan that’s pretty damn good

–Biden went to K street for corporate/lobbyist cash, and slammed Warren

–at election night event, SF lefties angered over slimy campaign ads from Police Officers Association chanted “Fuck the POA!”

NY Times continues to promote endless war in Syria, using envoy’s memo to support continued US presence

–at Grayzone Project, Max Blumenthal hits Trump’s fake withdrawal from Syria

–at MintPress, Peter Ford argues that UK is complicit in Trump’s bizarre attempt to take Syrian oil as war spoils

–France’s Macron says NATO is facing “brain death” because of Trump