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PBC News & Comment, 11.19.19: Sweden Ends Persecution of Julian Assange

After blistering UN report, Sweden again closes its 9-year investigation of Assange on allegations of consensual but unprotected sex acts…--at Shadowproof, Kevin Gosztola reviewed the UN report yesterday

--NY Times partners with The Intercept to publish leaked documents that show Iran’s deep influence in Iraq—the same form of journalism as WikiLeaks

--Sunday’s Times featured a lengthy report on China’s brutal treatment of Muslim Uighars, based on 400 pages of leaked documents

--with 1,100 Hong Kong protesters arrested, will Beijing use similar tactics in Hong Kong?

--in latest yellow journalism report on Tulsi Gabbard, NY Times uses voices of New Hampshire voters to advance its smear points

--Elizabeth Warren supports sanctions on Venezuela, and the unelected would-be president, Juan Guaido

--in latest outrageous giveaway to Israel, US ends 40-year policy of opposing illegal settlements on Palestinian land

--at today’s impeachment hearings, Lt. Col Alex Vindman and Pence aide Jennifer Williams offered qualified support for Dem narrative

--after CNN offers listickle of Trump’s softness toward Russia, Caithlin Johnstone lists 25 ways he has been tough or erratic toward Russia

--amateur spies Rudy Giuliani and Gordon Sondland are slammed for doing business on unsecured cellphones

--Russia returns Ukrainian naval boats that were seized a year ago in Kerch Strait

--Taliban frees one American, one Australian held for 3 years

--TrumpCo is sending a planeload of asylum seekers to Guatemala, knowing that there is no support or process to evaluate claims

--2 Manhattan jailers are charged for fake records in Jeffrey Epstein “suicide”

--Epstein’s estate has hired the undertaker—Kenneth Feinberg—to privately settle sex crime cases