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PBC News & Comment, 11.19.19: Sweden Ends Persecution of Julian Assange

After blistering UN report, Sweden again closes its 9-year investigation of Assange on allegations of consensual but unprotected sex acts…–at Shadowproof, Kevin Gosztola reviewed the UN report yesterday

NY Times partners with The Intercept to publish leaked documents that show Iran’s deep influence in Iraq—the same form of journalism as WikiLeaks

–Sunday’s Times featured a lengthy report on China’s brutal treatment of Muslim Uighars, based on 400 pages of leaked documents

–with 1,100 Hong Kong protesters arrested, will Beijing use similar tactics in Hong Kong?

–in latest yellow journalism report on Tulsi Gabbard, NY Times uses voices of New Hampshire voters to advance its smear points

–Elizabeth Warren supports sanctions on Venezuela, and the unelected would-be president, Juan Guaido

–in latest outrageous giveaway to Israel, US ends 40-year policy of opposing illegal settlements on Palestinian land

–at today’s impeachment hearings, Lt. Col Alex Vindman and Pence aide Jennifer Williams offered qualified support for Dem narrative

–after CNN offers listickle of Trump’s softness toward Russia, Caithlin Johnstone lists 25 ways he has been tough or erratic toward Russia

–amateur spies Rudy Giuliani and Gordon Sondland are slammed for doing business on unsecured cellphones

–Russia returns Ukrainian naval boats that were seized a year ago in Kerch Strait

–Taliban frees one American, one Australian held for 3 years

–TrumpCo is sending a planeload of asylum seekers to Guatemala, knowing that there is no support or process to evaluate claims

–2 Manhattan jailers are charged for fake records in Jeffrey Epstein “suicide”

–Epstein’s estate has hired the undertaker—Kenneth Feinberg—to privately settle sex crime cases