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PBC News & Comment: Witness Gordon Sondland Sings “Quid Pro Quo”

Sondland confirms quid pro quo, and shares the blame with Pence, Pompeo, Mulvaney and Giuliani; racketeering under Trump’s direction….–Sondland’s “refreshed” testimony is a major breakthrough, and it’s clear he doesn’t plan to go down alone

–Twiter attacks on witnesses are now coming from White House account, as NY Times analyst Peter Baker details

–as Sondland implicates Pompeo, SecState has tense NATO meeting

–GOP Rep. Tom Massie warns that House Dems are sneaking renewal of domestic surveillance in short-term budget bill, while we are distracted by impeachment show

–as Dems debate in Atlanta tonight, will they address the voter suppression that denied Stacey Abrams the governorship?

–Abrams faces retaliatory investigation by the Republicans who stole the election

–Pete Buttigieg will likely be targeted in this debate, and he deserves it

–at JacobinMag, Luke Savage has the data showing how MSDNC offers limited, mostly negative coverage of Sanders

Politico exposes massive Democratic dark money “nonprofit”, the 1630 Fund

–Sen. Jeff Merkeley (D-OR) blasts ICE as leaked memo shows plans to traumatize kids at border as “deterrent”

–in Israel, Benny Gantz can’t form a government, so Knesset gets a turn before new elections could be called

–responding to protests, Colombia closes borders and imposes curfew and alcohol ban

–British journalist Andy Worthington tags 5 men cleared for release from Guantanamo “Trump’s Personal Prisoners

–California Gov. Newsom cracks down on fracking and steam injection oil extraction

–undaunted by Trump’s border wall, 16-year old San Diego teen used remote control car to smuggle meth through a hole in the wall