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PBC News & Comment: Witness Gordon Sondland Sings “Quid Pro Quo”

Sondland confirms quid pro quo, and shares the blame with Pence, Pompeo, Mulvaney and Giuliani; racketeering under Trump’s direction….--Sondland’s “refreshed” testimony is a major breakthrough, and it’s clear he doesn’t plan to go down alone

--Twiter attacks on witnesses are now coming from White House account, as NY Times analyst Peter Baker details

--as Sondland implicates Pompeo, SecState has tense NATO meeting

--GOP Rep. Tom Massie warns that House Dems are sneaking renewal of domestic surveillance in short-term budget bill, while we are distracted by impeachment show

--as Dems debate in Atlanta tonight, will they address the voter suppression that denied Stacey Abrams the governorship?

--Abrams faces retaliatory investigation by the Republicans who stole the election

--Pete Buttigieg will likely be targeted in this debate, and he deserves it

--at JacobinMag, Luke Savage has the data showing how MSDNC offers limited, mostly negative coverage of Sanders

--Politico exposes massive Democratic dark money “nonprofit”, the 1630 Fund

--Sen. Jeff Merkeley (D-OR) blasts ICE as leaked memo shows plans to traumatize kids at border as “deterrent”

--in Israel, Benny Gantz can’t form a government, so Knesset gets a turn before new elections could be called

--responding to protests, Colombia closes borders and imposes curfew and alcohol ban

--British journalist Andy Worthington tags 5 men cleared for release from Guantanamo “Trump’s Personal Prisoners

--California Gov. Newsom cracks down on fracking and steam injection oil extraction

--undaunted by Trump’s border wall, 16-year old San Diego teen used remote control car to smuggle meth through a hole in the wall