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PBC News & Comment: So Far, Impeachment Hearings Are Damaging, But Not Fatal

Fiona Hill channels John Bolton and David Holmes appears credible, but so far, Dems have not landed knockout blow….–Hill opened with full embrace of Russiagate narrative and attack on Trump’s fiction of Ukraine meddling in 2016

–Holmes offers details of Sondland’s phone call to Trump and early concern—in March—about Giuliani’s “investigations” in Ukraine

–Hunter Biden’s love life is exposed, as Arkansa woman uses DNA test to prove he fathered her baby

–at Buzzfeed, Ryan Broderick explains how Devin Nunes and Jim Jordan deliver clips for Fox and social media

–Dem prez candidates deliver some interesting moments

–Biden surprised with strong attack on Saudi Arabia, then gaffed about domestic violence and black female senators

–Bernie Sanders broke ranks, and called for justice for Palestinians

–Tulsi Gabbard traded barbs with Kamal Harris and Pete Buttigieg

–fact checkers were invoked, and have ruled

–at MintPress, Jon Gold says the US government is still siding with Saudi Arabia over 9/11

–after months of speculation, Israeli prosecutors indict Benjamin Netanyahu, who wags the dog with another attack on Syria

–about 50 Hong Kong protesters refuse to surrender, as both houses of Congress pass resolution that draws threats from Beijing, and a protest supporter says he was tortured by secret police

–in second trial, Arizona jury acquits Scott Warren of charges related to giving humanitarian aid to migrants

–at UC Berkeley, Ann Coulter gave a speech and 1,000 protested with 7 arrests

The Guardian reports that Facebook has not removed white nationalist posts and videos, and that Zuck had dinner at the White House last month

–Trump plays games with Pentagon as he protects another war criminal

–this week’s power shutdown in northern California was scaled back, as regulators ask cellphone carriers why they were so unprepared for prior outages