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PBC News & Comment: So Far, Impeachment Hearings Are Damaging, But Not Fatal

Fiona Hill channels John Bolton and David Holmes appears credible, but so far, Dems have not landed knockout blow….--Hill opened with full embrace of Russiagate narrative and attack on Trump’s fiction of Ukraine meddling in 2016

--Holmes offers details of Sondland’s phone call to Trump and early concern—in March—about Giuliani’s “investigations” in Ukraine

--Hunter Biden’s love life is exposed, as Arkansa woman uses DNA test to prove he fathered her baby

--at Buzzfeed, Ryan Broderick explains how Devin Nunes and Jim Jordan deliver clips for Fox and social media

--Dem prez candidates deliver some interesting moments

--Biden surprised with strong attack on Saudi Arabia, then gaffed about domestic violence and black female senators

--Bernie Sanders broke ranks, and called for justice for Palestinians

--Tulsi Gabbard traded barbs with Kamal Harris and Pete Buttigieg

--fact checkers were invoked, and have ruled

--at MintPress, Jon Gold says the US government is still siding with Saudi Arabia over 9/11

--after months of speculation, Israeli prosecutors indict Benjamin Netanyahu, who wags the dog with another attack on Syria

--about 50 Hong Kong protesters refuse to surrender, as both houses of Congress pass resolution that draws threats from Beijing, and a protest supporter says he was tortured by secret police

--in second trial, Arizona jury acquits Scott Warren of charges related to giving humanitarian aid to migrants

--at UC Berkeley, Ann Coulter gave a speech and 1,000 protested with 7 arrests

--The Guardian reports that Facebook has not removed white nationalist posts and videos, and that Zuck had dinner at the White House last month

--Trump plays games with Pentagon as he protects another war criminal

--this week’s power shutdown in northern California was scaled back, as regulators ask cellphone carriers why they were so unprepared for prior outages