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PBC News & Comment: Will Bloomberg “Stop-n-frisk” Biden?

Billionaire Mike Bloomberg, ex-Republican, wants to rescue Dems from Biden and the lefties, his fool’s errand will mostly hurt Joe…--self-funded Bloomberg won’t take contributions, so how does he get onto debate stage?

--Bloomberg News promises not to investigate the owner, or Dem rivals

--at The Intercept, Mehdi Hasan recaps Bloomberg’s terrible foreign policy views

--and at The Guardian, Nathan Robinson recaps Elizabeth Warren’s foreign policy views, which are almost as bad

--NY Times opinion columnist Nick Kristof asks if US sanctions are killing Venezuelans in column riddled with US propaganda

--in full repudiation of Trump’s order to exit Syria, US resumes fight against Islamic State with Syrian Kurds as partners

--international group of 60 doctors warns UK that Julian Assange is in dire need of medical care

--at ConsortiumNews, Assange biographer Nozomi Hayase makes strong case for Assange

--and based on fresh WikiLeaks release, the estimable Caitlin Johnstone publishes leaked email from chemical weapons expert alleging false report on Douma

--in latest leak-based reporting, NY Times says inspector general will clear top FBI officials in Russiagate

--Russiagate promoters use Fiona Hill’s Ukrainegate testimony to paint all Trump allies as tools of Putin

--Sunday Times included bizarre op-ed by Fusion GPS founders that selectively exonerates themselves

--Giuliani used carrots and sticks to pressure Ukrainian oligarchs to investigate Bidens

--leaked Chinese documents show scope of repression of Uighurs, as UK and EU call for UN inspections

--as pro-democracy candidates sweep Hong Kong elections, Beijing talks tough

--Chinese spy seeks asylum in Australia, says he participated in Beijing interference in Taiwan and Hong Kong

--your humble host apologizes for weak coverage in Friday’s podcast of sentencing of former CIA officer, thanks listener George Maschke for gentle criticism

--Trump’s meddling in military justice case leads to sacking of Navy Secretary

--in Japan, Pope Francis calls for elimination of nuclear weapons