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PBC News & Comment: Will Bloomberg “Stop-n-frisk” Biden?

Billionaire Mike Bloomberg, ex-Republican, wants to rescue Dems from Biden and the lefties, his fool’s errand will mostly hurt Joe…–self-funded Bloomberg won’t take contributions, so how does he get onto debate stage?

Bloomberg News promises not to investigate the owner, or Dem rivals

–at The Intercept, Mehdi Hasan recaps Bloomberg’s terrible foreign policy views

–and at The Guardian, Nathan Robinson recaps Elizabeth Warren’s foreign policy views, which are almost as bad

NY Times opinion columnist Nick Kristof asks if US sanctions are killing Venezuelans in column riddled with US propaganda

–in full repudiation of Trump’s order to exit Syria, US resumes fight against Islamic State with Syrian Kurds as partners

–international group of 60 doctors warns UK that Julian Assange is in dire need of medical care

–at ConsortiumNews, Assange biographer Nozomi Hayase makes strong case for Assange

–and based on fresh WikiLeaks release, the estimable Caitlin Johnstone publishes leaked email from chemical weapons expert alleging false report on Douma

–in latest leak-based reporting, NY Times says inspector general will clear top FBI officials in Russiagate

–Russiagate promoters use Fiona Hill’s Ukrainegate testimony to paint all Trump allies as tools of Putin

–Sunday Times included bizarre op-ed by Fusion GPS founders that selectively exonerates themselves

–Giuliani used carrots and sticks to pressure Ukrainian oligarchs to investigate Bidens

–leaked Chinese documents show scope of repression of Uighurs, as UK and EU call for UN inspections

–as pro-democracy candidates sweep Hong Kong elections, Beijing talks tough

–Chinese spy seeks asylum in Australia, says he participated in Beijing interference in Taiwan and Hong Kong

–your humble host apologizes for weak coverage in Friday’s podcast of sentencing of former CIA officer, thanks listener George Maschke for gentle criticism

–Trump’s meddling in military justice case leads to sacking of Navy Secretary

–in Japan, Pope Francis calls for elimination of nuclear weapons