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PBC News & Comment: Are Vaccination Skeptics Defective?

In important new book Anti-Vax, Prof. Bernice Hausman explores vaccination controversies, and rejects snide attitudes of majority herd toward skeptics….–in fresh in-depth interview, Hausman explores many factors that cause people to question vaccination for some or all communicative diseases

–in blistering decision, federal judge rejects the expansive claims of Trump’s lawyers, says McGhan and other present and former officials must testify

–Trump feints, says he wants his boys to testify

–but Adam Schiff says the impeachment train is ready to leave the station

–Mark Penn, slimy advisor to Bill and Hillary Clinton, is advising Trump on impeachment

WashPost hammers Mike Pompeo for promoting theories of Ukraine meddling in 2016

Post reports that Giuliani met in Madrid with Ukraine presidents chief of staff, and did a little influence peddling for Venezuelan accused in $1.2 billion fraud

–on 60 Minutes last Sunday, they expanded the Russiagate narrative to include meddling in House races, with no evidence cited

–as false charges of anti-Semitism cloud UK prime minister race, Labour’s Jeremy Corbyn calls it “vile”

–Israel’s UN ambassador smears Bernie Sanders for proposing cuts in US aid to Israel over settlements

–in The Progressive, Prof. Stephen Zunes shows that Trump’s official shift on “illegal” settlements has strong bipartisan history

–as Netanyahu clings to power, Likud faces internal struggle

–at MintPress, Delilah Boxstein reveals big jump in violence aimed at Palestinian journalists

–Israel deports Human Rights Watch director over BDS

–latest alarming report from UN climate panel shows we are increasing emissions

–China blames US for Hong Kong protests and election loss, and it may be partly true, as Mary Beaudoin reports at ConsortiumNews

–media highlights Democratic fraidy-cats who oppose Medicare for All

–in Montana, anti-terrorism tools are readied for expected nonviolent First Amendment protests of Keystone XL

–200 Googlers protest retaliation and firing of co-workers who protested

–newspaper chain objects to passage of short-term funding bill that extends domestic surveillance

–Melania Trump went to Baltimore, and got booed