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PBC News & Comment: Are Vaccination Skeptics Defective?

In important new book Anti-Vax, Prof. Bernice Hausman explores vaccination controversies, and rejects snide attitudes of majority herd toward skeptics….--in fresh in-depth interview, Hausman explores many factors that cause people to question vaccination for some or all communicative diseases

--in blistering decision, federal judge rejects the expansive claims of Trump’s lawyers, says McGhan and other present and former officials must testify

--Trump feints, says he wants his boys to testify

--but Adam Schiff says the impeachment train is ready to leave the station

--Mark Penn, slimy advisor to Bill and Hillary Clinton, is advising Trump on impeachment

--WashPost hammers Mike Pompeo for promoting theories of Ukraine meddling in 2016

--Post reports that Giuliani met in Madrid with Ukraine presidents chief of staff, and did a little influence peddling for Venezuelan accused in $1.2 billion fraud

--on 60 Minutes last Sunday, they expanded the Russiagate narrative to include meddling in House races, with no evidence cited

--as false charges of anti-Semitism cloud UK prime minister race, Labour’s Jeremy Corbyn calls it “vile”

--Israel’s UN ambassador smears Bernie Sanders for proposing cuts in US aid to Israel over settlements

--in The Progressive, Prof. Stephen Zunes shows that Trump’s official shift on “illegal” settlements has strong bipartisan history

--as Netanyahu clings to power, Likud faces internal struggle

--at MintPress, Delilah Boxstein reveals big jump in violence aimed at Palestinian journalists

--Israel deports Human Rights Watch director over BDS

--latest alarming report from UN climate panel shows we are increasing emissions

--China blames US for Hong Kong protests and election loss, and it may be partly true, as Mary Beaudoin reports at ConsortiumNews

--media highlights Democratic fraidy-cats who oppose Medicare for All

--in Montana, anti-terrorism tools are readied for expected nonviolent First Amendment protests of Keystone XL

--200 Googlers protest retaliation and firing of co-workers who protested

--newspaper chain objects to passage of short-term funding bill that extends domestic surveillance

--Melania Trump went to Baltimore, and got booed