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PBC News & Comment, 12.2.19: Trump Megadonor Adelson Paid for Surveillance of Assange

NY Times deeply “buries the lede” in report on Spanish firm paid by Sheldon Adelson to spy on Julian Assange….--read the report here

--more than 5 dozen opinion leaders from many nations ask Archbishop of Canterbury to call for Assange’s release

--in Sunday solo editorial, NY Times slams Trump for “fake news” attacks on media, with zero self-examination

--with apologies to Great Britain, Trump is on his way to London to embarrass US at NATO meeting, and he tweeted tariffs on Brazil and Argentina

--in op-ed, Lori Wallach of Public Citizen has sharp criticism of WTO, as Trump continues Obama effort to sideline it

--Dems appear close to bringing NAFTA 2.0 to a vote

--at The Intercept, Rachel Cohen notes that Pelosi is holding back on vote for bill that would strengthen unions

--in open letter to OAS, supporters of Bolivian democracy demand justice for Morales

--more yellow journalism from NY Times, which clucks over starvation In Venezuela with zero mention of US sanctions

--during surprise Thanksgiving visit to Afghanistan, Trump concocted the prospect of a cease fire

--Iraqi leader of fragile coalition resigns amid protests, future is murky

--impeachment baton is passed to Judiciary Committee, with hearings starting Wednesday

--Montana Gov. Steve Bullock and former PA Rep. Joe Sestak drop out of presidential race

--The Guardian points out that when Joe Biden talks about fixing student debt crisis, he forgets that he helped create that crisis

--conservative columnist Ross Douthat makes the case for Sanders

--Trump campaign bans Bloomberg News reporters from covering it

--healthcare industry lobbyists have helped write op-eds by state lawmakers that attack Medicare for All

--new Chicago mayor fires top cop for snoozing in his car