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PBC News & Comment, 12.2.19: Trump Megadonor Adelson Paid for Surveillance of Assange

NY Times deeply “buries the lede” in report on Spanish firm paid by Sheldon Adelson to spy on Julian Assange….–read the report here

–more than 5 dozen opinion leaders from many nations ask Archbishop of Canterbury to call for Assange’s release

–in Sunday solo editorial, NY Times slams Trump for “fake news” attacks on media, with zero self-examination

–with apologies to Great Britain, Trump is on his way to London to embarrass US at NATO meeting, and he tweeted tariffs on Brazil and Argentina

–in op-ed, Lori Wallach of Public Citizen has sharp criticism of WTO, as Trump continues Obama effort to sideline it

–Dems appear close to bringing NAFTA 2.0 to a vote

–at The Intercept, Rachel Cohen notes that Pelosi is holding back on vote for bill that would strengthen unions

–in open letter to OAS, supporters of Bolivian democracy demand justice for Morales

–more yellow journalism from NY Times, which clucks over starvation In Venezuela with zero mention of US sanctions

–during surprise Thanksgiving visit to Afghanistan, Trump concocted the prospect of a cease fire

–Iraqi leader of fragile coalition resigns amid protests, future is murky

–impeachment baton is passed to Judiciary Committee, with hearings starting Wednesday

–Montana Gov. Steve Bullock and former PA Rep. Joe Sestak drop out of presidential race

The Guardian points out that when Joe Biden talks about fixing student debt crisis, he forgets that he helped create that crisis

–conservative columnist Ross Douthat makes the case for Sanders

–Trump campaign bans Bloomberg News reporters from covering it

–healthcare industry lobbyists have helped write op-eds by state lawmakers that attack Medicare for All

–new Chicago mayor fires top cop for snoozing in his car