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PBC News & Comment: Wave of Exonerations Expose Prosecutor Misconduct

Justice in Baltimore, as 3 men wrongfully convicted of 1983 murder are freed, and retrial exonerates man convicted in 2016….–Alfred Chestnut, Ransom Watkins and Andrew Stewart will have first Thanksgiving outside in 36 years

–Devon Little was freed November 22 after retrial on murder charges; lawyer says actual shooter is still at large

–Jamal Trulove, imprisoned for 7 years on faulty conviction for San Francisco murder, writes moving column on the Baltimore exoneration

–judge blocks Trump/Barr effort to resume federal executions

–PBC apologizes after new information demonstrates that he was lied to by San Quentin death row prisoner James Anderson

–at his latest mob rally, in Miami last night, Trump called impeachment “bullshit”

–Trump acts like he wants to appear at impeachment hearing, PBC calls “bullshit

–in NY Times, Charlie Savage notes that Trump is winning by losing….and running out the clock

–OMB official Mark Sandy says 2 colleagues resigned over Ukraine aid hold

–more dirt from Ukraine on Rudy Giuliani, who tried to score new business from officials he was squeezing for dirt on Bidens

–in lengthy report at ConsortiumNews, Scott Ritter raises important questions about the “CIA whistleblower”

ConsortiumNews also features Pepe Escobar’s report on a powerful tirade against the US by Iran’s foreign minister

–in stunning display of tunnel vision, NY Times correspondent reports on the Bolivian blockade by Morales supporters, whitewashing the coup

–Alan McLeod at MintPress recaps the bloody history of NY Times approval of American coups

–from Bolivia, Grayzone Project’s Wyatt Reed reports on the crackdown on reporters and Morales supporters, with no whitewashing

–at The Guardian, Nick Estes sounds alarm about repression of indigenous people in Bolivia

HuffPost reports Obama aides say that 44 is working to prevent Sanders from getting the nomination

WashPost reports on American meddling in Warren campaign, just like the Russians did in 2016

–as corporate media ignored Dem-backed extension of domestic surveillance, AP reported on Cuba’s public disclosure of surveillance