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PBC News & Comment: Wave of Exonerations Expose Prosecutor Misconduct

Justice in Baltimore, as 3 men wrongfully convicted of 1983 murder are freed, and retrial exonerates man convicted in 2016….--Alfred Chestnut, Ransom Watkins and Andrew Stewart will have first Thanksgiving outside in 36 years

--Devon Little was freed November 22 after retrial on murder charges; lawyer says actual shooter is still at large

--Jamal Trulove, imprisoned for 7 years on faulty conviction for San Francisco murder, writes moving column on the Baltimore exoneration

--judge blocks Trump/Barr effort to resume federal executions

--PBC apologizes after new information demonstrates that he was lied to by San Quentin death row prisoner James Anderson

--at his latest mob rally, in Miami last night, Trump called impeachment “bullshit”

--Trump acts like he wants to appear at impeachment hearing, PBC calls “bullshit

--in NY Times, Charlie Savage notes that Trump is winning by losing….and running out the clock

--OMB official Mark Sandy says 2 colleagues resigned over Ukraine aid hold

--more dirt from Ukraine on Rudy Giuliani, who tried to score new business from officials he was squeezing for dirt on Bidens

--in lengthy report at ConsortiumNews, Scott Ritter raises important questions about the “CIA whistleblower”

--ConsortiumNews also features Pepe Escobar’s report on a powerful tirade against the US by Iran’s foreign minister

--in stunning display of tunnel vision, NY Times correspondent reports on the Bolivian blockade by Morales supporters, whitewashing the coup

--Alan McLeod at MintPress recaps the bloody history of NY Times approval of American coups

--from Bolivia, Grayzone Project’s Wyatt Reed reports on the crackdown on reporters and Morales supporters, with no whitewashing

--at The Guardian, Nick Estes sounds alarm about repression of indigenous people in Bolivia

--HuffPost reports Obama aides say that 44 is working to prevent Sanders from getting the nomination

--WashPost reports on American meddling in Warren campaign, just like the Russians did in 2016

--as corporate media ignored Dem-backed extension of domestic surveillance, AP reported on Cuba’s public disclosure of surveillance