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PBC News & Comment: Report—“No Reason to Believe 5G Is Safe”

UC Berkeley scientist Joel Moskowitz issues detailed report blasting FCC for using 1990’s standards without new studies of 5G’s human impact…--read the article in Scientific American here

--federal appeals court called FCC “arbitrary and capricious” for efforts to bypass environmental reviews for 5G

--at NATO conference in London, Trump rips Macron over “brain dead” comments, and Macron rips back

--Macron also rejects Turkey’s demand that NATO brand Syrian Kurds “terrorists”

--Code Pink’s Medea Benjamin agrees with Trump comment in 2016, “NATO is obsolete”

--in provocative op-ed, conservatives school Democrats on the shift from “foreign policy” to “foreign politics”

--Trump knows he’s too unpopular to help Boris Johnson in Dec 12 election, but is drawn back into NHS controversy he started

--Trump says next G7 will be held at Camp David, as his comments about China trade war hammer the Dow

--Pelosi leads Democratic delegation to climate conference in Madrid

--House Intel committee releases summary of impeachment inquiry, outlining articles of impeachment

--appeals court refuses to block House subpoena for Trump’s tax records

--as expected, Sen. Kamala Harris has ended her presidential campaign

--for Rep. Duncan Hunter, the “witch hunt” is over, he takes guilty plea

--new report from Center for Constitutional Rights says ALEC promotes racist and white supremacist legislation

--at The Intercept, Liliana Segura is lead author of 4-part package on ending the death penalty

--Caitlin Johnstone wants you to see this 7-minute video that explains the OPCW scandal over chemical weapons report regarding Douma, Syria

--new documentary exposes Yoga kingpin Bikram Choudhury as sexual predator