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PBC News & Comment: New Round of Impeachment Hearings Begins

In Judiciary hearing, Dems focus on 3 law professors who support impeachment, but GOP pick Jonathan Turley shouldn’t be ignored…–Turley is not a Trump supporter, but argues that this approach to impeachment is too narrow, and too fast

–Rudy Giuliani is jetting around Europe shooting TV interviews with pro-Trump One America News

–at NATO conference reception, world leaders mocked Trump in moment caught on video

–this time, Trump defended NATO from attacks by Macron and other leaders

–Mr. No Malarkey, Joe Biden, unveils tax plan that’s very moderate

–the cranky moderate reporters at Calbuzz comment on the withdrawal of Sen. Kamala Harris from prez primary: “an empty pantsuit…with positions, not convictions”

–Julian Castro slams media for double standard on Harris

–GOP candidate for Congress in Florida says Rep. Ilhan Omar committed treason, and should be hung

–in northern Mexico, a battle between heavily armed cartel fighters and state police leaves 23 dead

–Iran admits that protesters were shot and killed by security forces, but won’t give numbers

–in Ohio, bill to ban most abortions has irrational, unconstitutional provisions

–in the War on Christmas, Trump administration will deny food stamps to 750,000