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In-Depth Interview: Trump Is Bad for American Business, Says Small Biz Advocate

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Jim Doyle, President of the Business Forward Foundation, explains the many ways that Trump’s policies and trade war are bad for American business….

Donald Trump ran for president as a billionaire businessman claiming to have exceptional negotiating skills and promising to reduce the US trade deficit. How’s it working out?

Jim Doyle is president of the Business Forward Foundation in Washington, DC, representing about 100,000 small business owners in America. Talking about a new report, “Answering America: The Business Case Against Trump’s Agenda,” Doyle argues that Trump’s policies aren’t good for the economy, business, or the American worker.

This podcast was first posted at WhoWhatWhy  In this conversation, we focus on the trade wars, particularly with China, and cite fresh data from Public Citizen showing that US trade deficits are going up, not down. While Trump has promised to revive the coal industry, it continues to decline despite federal subsidies that amount to about $70,000 per worker; Doyle says that for every remaining coal job, there are 16 jobs in the renewable energy sectors.

You can read the report and get more information on the Business Forward Foundation here.