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PBC News & Comment: Mayor Pete and Mayor Mike Draw Deserved Scrutiny

Buttigieg’s 3-year stint with capitalist tool McKinsey is scrutinized, as Bloomberg is caught in lie about “stop and frisk” apology….--McKinsey does a lot of dirty work for corporate America, but Buttigieg says he can’t talk about it due to non-disclosure agreement

--CBS anchor Gayle King pins Bloomberg down on timing of his apology for stop-n-frisk as the billionaire touts his gun control plans

--in Iowa, Joe Biden bungles exchange with voter who asked question about Hunter and Ukraine

--2 Lebanese Americans who bought influence with Trump using UAE cash also donated to Clinton campaign and got access to Hillary and Bill, indictment says

--our podcast deadline is same as Trump’s deadline to notify Judiciary committee if he will participate in impeachment hearings

--GOP senate committee chairs want to investigate Ukraine leads, as Rudy 9/11 calls for joint US-Ukraine investigation

--in op-ed Moira Donegan says Pelosi is bungling impeachment

--Putin and Zelensky meet in Paris on Monday, amid fears that soft US support weakens Ukraine position

--AP reports that 600 Russian mercenaries are fighting in Libya in support of Hifter, who used to be America’s boy

--small business leader Jim Doyle says Trump policies are bad for business, especially small business in podcast interview posted today

--House passes resolution supporting 2-state solution in Israel-Palestine, and the Squad votes No

--listener/subscriber Ian Berman posts comments on US leaders who lie for Israel

--Alan McLeod at MintPress exposes UK intelligence smears of Labour and Corbyn, with collaboration from tabloid media

--Tom Secker shows how CIA directly influences Netflix series, Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan

--Australian wildfires continue to rage, as 5 fires merge to threaten area north of Sydney

--WashPost details deadly marketing tactics of opioid companies, well after they knew about high rates of addiction

--GOP Senate just confirmed another unqualified, extremist federal judge, #170 under Trump

--Saudi military trainee killed 3 and was shot dead at Pensacola naval base

--NY man accused of killing mobster uses “conspiracy theory” defense